Fall 2008 (Updated Winter 2010)
Recife, Brazil

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Nearly 3 years ago, I got hooked. Hooked on the dream of marketing online, making money online, and having an Internet-based lifestyle. It all started with a course I took online, a $2000 course! …better described an investment in my career. As I fast-forward, it is amazing some of the things I’ve learned since then, and while I’m not here to claim guru status, or show off bank and income statements.  I am compelled to share with subscribers what I’ve learned (and yes, I’ve made my share of mistakes) and hopefully many of you will do the same.

MarketingProfessor.com was created for one primary reason…to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners understand their choices when it comes leveraging the power of the Internet to increase sales and profits.

If you are an aspiring Internet marketing or small business owner, MarketingProfessor.com is designed to educate you as you grow in your knowledge of online (and in some cases offline) marketing options and strategies.

If you are an experienced online marketer, this is an opportunity to participate in an evolving education for us all (myself included).  My hope is you’ll learn a thing or two…a LOT.  Let’s be honest, the Internet is so vast, and strategies to make money online are just as far reaching, who can know it all? That is the power of the community, and that is what MarketingProfessor.com is intended to be to you.

So, what do you say, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Travis Campbell
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