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So many things change so quickly when it comes to online marketing, it’s important to keep up. Of late Google seems to be on the forefront of change, and have caught my attention today.

More Moxy for Mobile, Android

For those Mobile Marketing enthusiasts among us there is an update to their popular Google Maps program for Android. It is a tip of the hat to their mobile strategy, they are committed, another reason small businesses should be too. Based on the post of Google Maps 5.8 users can:

  • Easily upload photos for a Place
  • Simpler way to manage “My Places” for places you’ve starred, recently viewed
  • Descriptive terms for a given Place in search results
  • Easily add a new Place when checking in

The highlight? The ability to see photos other users have uploaded for a Place. Useful if you aren’t sure just where you wanna go, and like to know what a place looks like. Ties in nicely for those using the Huddle feature of Google plus. What recent changes don’t tie into Google plus lately?  

Here is a screenshot of a couple panels of the photos feature:

Service to Encourage others Not Using Gmail

Here is an innovative strategy for moving users to Gmail. Gmail appears to be the key to Google combining search and social effectively. Gmail presents users with the Google bar, and notifications of Google Plus updates (which opens to the masses soon, get an invite here). Growing the Gmail user base is key.

Now there is a tool to help existing Gmail users motivate others to make the switch. See the post here. Below is the humorous video describing the service, or watch it here.

What’s catching your attention today?

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