Reasons to Consider a Career in Online Marketing

Is Marketing a Good Career Path“I’m in a similar situation, my degree is in an industry that doesn’t have many jobs right now, and I may need to do something different,” a little later her friend squirmed in her seat and with a sense of uncertainty retorted, “I’m thinking marketing is where it’s at…”

This caught my attention.

When working out of the home office, I try to remain focused, some days are easier than others. On this particular day, at this coffee shop, I couldn’t help myself. What I did next might be considered somewhat bold.

Reasons to Consider a Career in Online Marketing

Encouraged by the dialogue these new college graduates had, I decided to take it a step further, and introduce myself… At first I was hesitant, not because they were complete strangers (harmless young ladies might I add), rather because I had plenty to do, and this would not aide my “focus” cause.  Then I reasoned, who know, they could be at a crossroad, and the conversation might yield something useful. I went ahead.

This encounter caused me to reflect on why marketing is a great career choice, here’s what I’m thinking.

Marketing taps into the creative side like few other professions. One of the complaints I hear, and had myself in my earlier years was that a job was “boring”. I had several of these types of jobs, from delivering newspapers, to assembling water bottles, and working retail. As you might suspect these jobs were short-lived for me. What I’ve found is that marketing invites the creative side to solve problems, stand out, and get a message across. Of course with all the dynamics of online marketing, and opportunities it brings it is never boring.

More money being spent online than ever. Spending money online is at an all-time high. Consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to buy online (stats here). It is only going to continue to grow as mobile computing continues to explode. Having a skills to present a marketing message in the right place at the right time will land you sales, and might very keep you employed for years to come.

[quote style=”boxed”]Marketing invites the creative side to solve problems, stand out, and get a message across.[/quote]

The results of your efforts are measurable. Numbers aren’t for everyone, but knowing your numbers is a competitive advantage and key to having a successful online business. Virtually everything done in marketing today is done electronically, and as such can be measured. Having business metrics allows marketers to optimize their marketing performance for maximum ROI. It’s also gratifying to know you’ll get results for your efforts, which can be used to further hone your skills over time. You can see an example of a business metric we use in our video marketing in this video traffic academy review.

Marketing skills are transferable to industry or market. Marketing, in large part, is “being where the eyeballs are”. More and more eyeballs are looking on the web than ever. As networks grow, and mobile devices become more prevalent and affordable, main stream businesses of all sizes will be looking for more exposure. Honed marketing skills will be valued in any market segment, especially those not known for leveraging technology.

We had a nice conversation about the current job market, entrepreneurship, and marketing, discussing some of the points mentioned above. They seemed to enjoy the discussion, for me it was nice to hear the opportunities some college graduates are faced with as well as reviewing the benefits of having a career in marketing online. It’s amazing what can happen at coffee shops!

What are you challenged with in your career? How do you react to the points above? Chime in below.
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Author: Travis Campbell

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9 thoughts on “Reasons to Consider a Career in Online Marketing”

  1. Preaching to the choir here. Coming out of college I felt that online marketing was the only place where my youth was an asset and not a liability. And the industry is very merit-based. If you’re smart and produce results, you’ll get hired and paid well.

  2. Thanks for this. (not the I just want a link to my website thanks, but truly, thank you) 
    I’m trying to figure out what to do for a career. Been out of college for two years and need to find something that is fun and challenging. The more I read about online marketing, the more it intrigues me.

  3. Another reason is that online marketing allows you to work from anywhere. I know an online marketer who spent some time in Argentina while working for his employer in the US. You can often work from home which can save a lot of time by avoiding the commute which is reported as the least happiest parts of people’s day.

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