10 Tips for Nurturing Prospects Into Raving Fans

Marketers who prioritize nurturing relationships with prospects and customers will be further ahead than those who do not.  The fact remains people buy from those they know, like, and trust. While the process is as much an art as a science, there is a methodology to it.  Last week while at a the Conquer and Grow conference in Las Vegas, Corey Thomas and I reviewed a methodology that online marketers should be aiming for to nurture relationships and encourage those in your market to become raving fans.

10 Tips for Nurturing Prospects Into Raving Fans

These 10 tips are designed to be woven into a series of campaigns that make up your online marketing engine.  As it turns out, at the Conquer and Grow event we were discussing Infusionsoft as a specific tool to power this solution, however these concepts can be utilized in your existing system/processes.  Whether you sell a product or a high-end service, consider how you can apply these tips in your marketing.

One – Identify with Prospects

As you speak to the pain and challenges of the prospect and demonstrate you know the challenges they are facing, you are identifying with them, and it puts them in a position to appreciate what it is you have to say, especially when it comes to the solution you have to offer.

Two – Clarify Your Solution

Offer clear understanding of what your solution is, and make sure it ties in appropriately with the problem you just explained.

Three – Share How Others Have Benefited from Your Solution

After explaining your solution, now share how the solution has served others.  Consider the P.A.R. formula: Tell a story of a customer who had Pain, took Action (with your product), and what their Result was.  Consider using quotes, or even video testimonials of customers. Make sure to get legal advice in considering the FTC Guidelines.

Four – Make it Easy for Prospects To Buy

A simple way to buy is key, be it in the store, on the ecommerce site, or over the phone.  If you sell on an ecommerce store, and there is decent margin, give them the option to call in and place the order over the phone if they are having difficulties.  Also consider this option in your email communications.

Five – Rejoice with them In Their Purchase

Congratulate them on their purchase.  Consider the ideas this picture conjured up as a part of a welcoming them to your customer file.

Six – Deliver Unexpected and Welcomed Value

This is also a way to overcome and thrive in today’s economy.  Adding value to the customer relationship can be subtle as sending a customer only email about a recent changes in the industry that affect them, and how customers should prepare to respond, to you bringing a whole network of vendors, your trusted resources to the table to help them achieve their business objectives.

Seven – Go Above and Beyond to Ensure they Implement

This is important for higher ticket items, or continuity (subscription) products.  More than the information, give them progress report templates, checklists they can fill out to monitor their progress implementing your solution.

Eight – Ask them How Their Results are Going

Check in on them, and ask how they are getting along after purchase. If a higher ticket product go beyond email, consider faxing them, voice broadcast, snail mail, or even calling them directly (hint: this can really be a shocker!).

Nine – Connect them with Other Like Minded Customers

If at all possible, provide an online community, or an in-person event where they can meet and network with other like-minded people.  This sense of community and belonging can be powerful.

Ten – Invite Them To Partner as an Affiliate

Once they are a part of your online community they can become an advocate of what it is you are doing.  Invite them to be an affiliate, so that they might receive compensation for sharing your product or service with others in their network.

Applying these tips in your online marketing creates great potential in your business and builds momentum.  As people benefit from your education, become customers, and ultimately a raving fan, everyone’s business has the potential to out shine the competition.

Author: Travis Campbell

Husband. Dad. Marketing automator. Author. Educating and coaching others in their online business endeavors. Here's his Google profile.

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  1. Hey I like the PAR formula – haven’t heard that one before, but it it’s obvious commonsense. The online community has also got me thinking. Thanks!

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