Some Things Worth Reading

April 5, 2011


There is so much good information out there on the web, you just need to find it, right? Things change quickly in the internet and online marketing industry, it’s important to be relatively currently. Here are a few articles that have come across my browser recently. I find these post well worth reading, here’s hoping you do as well.

Some Things Worth Reading

Facebook Now Allows Personal Profiles To Be Converted Into Business Pages – Read the updates to this post, if you are considering this move. For some, it makes sense, others should just build on their existing (or new) business page.

How Many Unindexed Posts Does Your Blog Have? – Great insights here by Ana. Tool she recommends looks useful as well.

Email vs. RSS – How do you subscribe to blog content? – Gotta love survey’s. Denise shares her results openly. Remember, while these can be a general rule of thumb, every market can be different…including yours.

Working from Home or Hardly Working? – Great ideas here for those in the Work From Home tribe (like me).

Why I Deleted All of My Blogs – Thought provoking post for those who want to get serious about getting stuff (the right stuff) done. Not for the faint of heart.

Find these useful? Feel free to chime in with your thoughts below.

Image Credit: Sami Keinänen

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5 Responses to “Some Things Worth Reading”

  1. Ana | Traffic Generation Says:

    Love the image, Travis – perfect choice!

    Thanks for coming back to TGC; it was a pleasure to see your comment and thanks for bringing my post back to your readers.



    • Travis Campbell Says:

      I couldn’t resist this image for this post, thanks for noticing. Glad to have you on board here too. Appreciate all you are doing to help people get more traffic.



  2. sami keinänen Says:

    good read and i like the photo of me and my baby girl reading donald duck. i’m pondering about the same issues a lot in my work as well, was especially inspired by working from home bit! btw, the photo was taken in cannes, france and she’s a big girl now…


  3. drupal web developer Says:

    Its nice posting.This improves our confidence level ,listening skills,communicating skills and grasping skills.Thanks for sharing such a great information about worth reading.


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