Super-Charge Your Marketing Career

Getting a Jumpstart on your Marketing CareerThere are many ways to accelerate and supercharge a marketing career. It involves hard work, salesmanship, and even a little luck. It’s important to understand your goals in light of the phase of your career and why change might be just what you need. If marketing is indeed your game there are three possible avenues to consider. As always, your comments an input are welcome.

Super-Charge Your Marketing Career

Understanding Your Goals

Zig Ziglar is to have said “Aim at nothing, and you’ll hit it every time.” For those of you “running your own show” it’s easy to forget the reason you went into business to begin with. Taking time to put down the hammer and pick up the pencil in your business and life is critical. (Tweet Me)

Thinking about what you want to do is good, better is still is understanding *why* you want to do what you want to do.

If you haven’t yet set aside time for dedicated goal setting or business planning, it is great to do as the New Year approaches, just be careful.

Consider the phase of your career: When thinking of goals, be sure to think long-term. It’s a natural trait of most entrepreneurs to be optimistic, but it’s not against the rules to do some contingency planning should things not go according to plan. If you are younger in your career, on the surface you can afford greater risks. The idea being, there is more time to recover than someone who is further along in their career.

Goals: Important for any marketing career
Regardless of size or number, goals are key.

Example: I liken it to investments. Several years ago, I was a part of an investment that didn’t turn out well. Let’s just say I lost a lot of money. Everyone in the investment lost. There were several who were of retirement age. One was a friend ended up going back to school. She hoped to get a job to support herself and her husband with the increasing medical bills from his recent cancer diagnosis. Upon completing school, jobs were hard to come by. Today she’s outside her profession working in a retail store.

As difficult as financial recovery has been for everyone, no more difficult than for those on the near side of retirement. For me and my family, time was on our side more than our friends.

It is wise to consider risk against the season of your career.

Assuming you are in motion. Which way are you going? Toward entrepreneurship, away from entrepreneurship, or perhaps you’re a fit for an emerging hybrid option (more on that in a moment).

Time for a Change?

Change is all around us. Personal and professional growth is key in adding value in the marketplace. If you aren’t growing, have been doing the same thing for years, or doing something that has little alignment with your gifts or talents (and likely little or no joy) it may be time for a change.

A Word About Opportunities

Some of the best opportunities may come when you least expect it. This has been true for me, and has often resulted in the best situations. Sometimes, you need to be more aggressive, intentional, preparing yourself for that next opportunity. You can do this simply by informing your network that you are considering other career options. This can consist of former colleagues, family members, your church, etc. with personal phone calls, or emails.

No shortage of opportunities for most of the entrepreneurial minded professionals out there.
CAUTION: Buffets of Opportunities Ahead

In preparing for an opportunity, it’s also important to dedicate regular time to social networking activities. While not the only source, LinkedIn is the most notable source for job and career related profiles. With well over 100 million users, it is also most widely used. Learn techniques I use to maximize LinkedIn here.

Look at what trusted advisors and partners are doing. Social networking is great, but nothing will replace face-to-face time. Perhaps they are interested in partnering to make a more compelling offer to the marketplace, or maybe they have a part or full-time opportunity that fits nicely with your skill set and goals.

Is Marketing Your Game?

Sometimes subscribers dabble in marketing, learn it wasn’t for them, and move on. Others dip their toe in marketing, fall in love, and go all in. [highlight]Both situations are good because they move you closer to where you should be.[/highlight]

It’s important to have confidence that marketing is where you want to be. Need help? Here are some reasons to have a career in online marketing.

Some Want to Be at Home Solopreneurs

Are you a solopreneur?
Solo-act entrepreneurs

If you are eager to work at home alone, and have all the benefits, freedom, and challenges that presents, the solopreneur path may be the one for you. The Internet is setup for situations like this; you might consider starting in affiliate marketing.

This is ideal for those who have a lifestyle that lends itself to the flexibility that the work-at-home world offers. Sometimes family and health issues force people into making this lifestyle change. As for moving your career forward, you will have to be a quick study and have an ability to implement quickly.

With the current conditions of operating an Internet-based business, to come from nowhere and build a full-time income you will take hard work. You may want to outsource tasks, or even hire staff to accelerate things a bit . This brings us to the next option.

Classical Entrepreneurship

Moving beyond the solopreneur, you believe that success is a team sport, and you are willing to do what it takes to sell and implement your ideas by building a team. This fits a more classic entrepreneur.

As an online marketer, success in this role means you develop systems that are flexible, repeatable, and transferrable to incoming employees. You will develop a nice set of results-oriented online and offline data most solopreneurs will never attain.

Hybrid – The Coopreneurs

This is a word I’ve never heard before, who knows, maybe the word was just ‘coined’ here. At any rate, Coopreneurs are entrepreneurial individuals (perhaps solopreneurs) working with larger organizations that value and can harness the energy and assets an entrepreneur brings to the table. They work together toward common goals, often involving aggressive growth. This is a rare combination, but when it works it can be a very rewarding and mutually beneficial.

Coopreneurs unite minds and passions for a bigger purpose
The Coopreneur: An entrepreneur who looks to connect their talent and experience with other entrepreneurs.

It’s unique because entrepreneurial individuals have a reputation of not lasting in a situation where they aren’t running the show, and organizations that bring them in are equally reluctant concerned that entrepreneurs might leave when they get bored, overcome a short-term financial hardship or both.

For online marketers, entering in this situation offers the potential of working without common fears associated with non-coopreneur opportunities. Everyone knows going in that this is an entrepreneurial relationship for both parties, with the goals of leveraging one another for the common good. These are environments that encourage continuing education, are fast paced, and make decisions quickly. A great combination to propel ones online marketing career.

I imagine there is a list of companies that embrace this coopreneurs approach, I just didn’t find one. Drop a comment if you can recommend one (or some). From my own experience, Infusionsoft is one such company. Learn about my coopreneurship with Infusionsoft here.

Getting Your Online Marketing Career Super-Charged

In the end supercharging an online marketing career involves clarity on what you want to accomplish, as well as coming across the right opportunity. Whether striking out on your own as a solopreneur, aiming to build a team as an entrepreneur, or becoming a coopreneur. In every case there can be a fit to take your personal and online marketing career development to the next level.
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Author: Travis Campbell

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  1. In my opinion Marketing as Career selection is the best thing a person can aim about because the things on which Marketing is dependents will give you knowledge about world and also increase your skills naturally as long as you continue your career in marketing.

  2. Marketing as a Career is something very unique. Mostly people avoid marketing because it’s quite lengthy and ongoing process. But my personal experience says if you get totally in in marketing then you will be the one who can see the results of your work yourself.

  3. As far as online marketing is concerned, building trust and gaining influence from both search engines and users are key success factors. When search engines trust you, they’ll reward you with higher ranking than competitor websites. And when people trust you, they’ll buy from you.

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