7 Reasons to Use Mobile Marketing in Your Business

If you have been around Internet Marketing for any length of time, you may have noticed your inbox filling up with messages about mobile marking info, massive open rates, and offers of grandeur if you take this or that course.  While there may be value in those courses and a strong case made by their creators for purchasing them, this heightened activity prompted a review of mobile marketing as a viable option for marketers going forward.  I recently performed a mobile marketing experiment the results of which I will share with you very soon.  For now there are some reasons mobile marketing might finally take off in the next 12-24 months, let’s look at some market numbers first.

7 Reasons to Use Mobile Marketing in Your Business

First things first, what is mobile marketing? Glad you asked.  Essentially it is any marketing activity where a mobile device is the medium of choice.  This could mean SMS text messaging, advertising on mobile web browsers, location based marketing on mobile devices, it could even mean email marketing (formatted for mobile devices).  Think messaging where engagement occurs on a mobile device.

Look Where The Big Boys Are Investing

Google has made their mark in the mobile market with the launch of their Droid based phones, and while sales were soft to start, Nexus One will continue to gain market share as it is supported on other networks.  This gives them a platform they control upon which marketers can present their offers.

One – Large Mobile Ad Networks Acquired

Late last year, Google acquired AdMob, one of the largest mobile advertising networks.  While Apple responded a couple months later by acquiring Quattro Wireless.

Two – Google Motto – Mobile First

Google CEO and Chairman of the Board Eric Schmidt recently heralded the “mobile first in everything” as the new rule at Google.

Three – Click To Call

Google Recently Re-Ignited their Click to Call Program for Google Advertisers, allowing advertisers to activate phone numbers in their ads on iPhones and mobile devices will full internet browsers.

Four – Adoption Rate of Ever More Capable Smartphones

A recent report from the folks at Nielsen show the growth in adoption of smartphone devices.  It is also worth noting, with each new Palm, Blackberry, Droid, or other smarphone released, their capabilities and power are growing significantly.

Five – Expanding Buyer Activity by Device Owners

It would be nice to know if smartphone users are actually demonstrating buying behavior and to what degree, right?  Good news, a report by eMarketer shows how Smartphone users are demonstrating buying activity, very insightful don’t you think,?

*Arrows added for emphasis.

Six – Users Willingness to Spend by Device

The same post by eMarketer shows buying behavior by device type. Imagine how targeting to the right device type(s) could positively impact your marketing efforts.

*More Arrows added, More Emphasis.

Note: While it has been known for some time that iPhone users have a higher net income on average than other smartphone users, it is worth noting in this chart that Android users are willing to spend even more money than their iPhone counterpart.

Seven – Adoption of Mobile Check-in Services

Mobile services like Gowalla and Foursquare are quickly growing in popularity.  In fact over a 10 day period Foursquare added 100K users.  My first impressions of Foursquare are here.  When Mobile check-in services mature and provide a way to serve ads, small businesses (and their marketing consultants) will be in a position to utilize them to drive more interest to local businesses.

Is mobile marketing a viable medium for your business?  Why or why not?  What are the barriers to implementing? Drop your thoughts in the comment box below.
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Author: Travis Campbell

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23 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Use Mobile Marketing in Your Business”

  1. Uhhh… honestly I hadn't given mobile marketing a thought. Thanks for the heads up. So much to do, how to keep up? Where to start?

    1. Janice-

      Just keep things in proper perspective. In my opinion focus on improving what is already working, and p-l-a-n on getting your feet wet with mobile marketing later this year if it makes sense for your market.


  2. I hadn't thought people are using mobile phones all that much…this is some pretty strong evidence from some reputable sources that this is something worth planning for.

    1. Not going to disagree with you there arif, I think for marketers whose businesses is in the right spot, this is the time to get started with mobile marketing. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Travis,

    I think that mobile marketing and location based services with geo tagging will become the new big trend in the years to come. You are using your smartphone for more things than phone calls these days. I have added Gowalla and Foursquare on my new iPhone.

    1. Martin-

      Always good to hear from you. To be honest, geotagging is obsolete and time consuming. Location based services on the phone is good enough, and more accurate. Couple that with Google Goggles, and you got some very interesting propositions for mobile marketing.

  4. Martin-

    Always good to hear from you. To be honest, geotagging is obsolete and time consuming. Location based services on the phone is good enough, and more accurate. Couple that with Google Goggles, and you got some very interesting propositions for mobile marketing.

  5. Hi Travis, great article.
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    Take a look at it and tell, what do you think.

  6. Hi Travis, very helpful post.  With the business world becoming increasingly mobile all the time, it really makes sense if marketers and advertisers would be interested in finding ways on how to make the most of mobile marketing.  This method will certainly give them the opportunity to provide rich and helpful content in a faster, more interactive and more convenient way.


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