Review of Keyword Research Pro Software

keyword-research-product-reviewEarlier this week while at the gym I saw a television documentary illustrating how search engines (focused on Google) are the go to source for more and more people globally when looking for information.  It discussed how the number of daily searches online continues to grow at an incredible rate, and how this is a global trend (not just in first world countries).  For online marketers, understanding what searchers are searching for, and why is key.  More than that, keywords are the foundation of any online property.  A few months ago, I started using a product that helps users save significant time with keyword research, Keyword Research Pro.  Today I would like to share my first impressions, the Top 5 things I’ve found using it, my #1 discovery, who it’s for, who it’s not for, what missing in the product, my take, a video, and more.

Review of Keyword Research Pro Software

If you want to make the biggest impact online in the shortest amount of time, it is essential that you understand what keywords and keyphrases you should be targeting, so that you attract the search engines and the right visitors.  What tools and resources should you use to get this done?  Below is my take on a newer tool, Keyword Research Pro, which can save online marketers significant time when performing keyword research.

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First Impressions of Keyword Research Pro

Simple Interface – I found the interface to be simple and intuitive (once I got over the simplicity, more on that in a moment).  With a series of tabs and menu buttons, the interface of Keyword Research Pro was well thought out.
Not Sure What to Do – the overwhelming “white” of the opening screen left me wondering what to do.  I’m a big believer that “less is more”, however my initial impression- I didn’t know what to do once the application was open.  That didn’t last too long as I started watching the accompanying training video, and familiarizing myself with the interface.
Simple = Powerful – After getting beyond the initial screen, I began to see how the simplicity of the program was also its greatest asset.  Having used a series of free tools which overwhelmed me with options, Keyword Research Pro laid out its powerful options in a simple and useful way. (find out more about Keyword Research Pro here)

Top 5 Things I’ve Found In Keyword Research Pro

  1. Allintitle Totals. Gathering numbers for results keywords with the “allintitle” attribute is much faster.  A number commonly used to measure keyword competitiveness.
  2. Side by Side Analysis. A series of columns allows me to see competition across the big 3 search engines.
  3. Compares monthly search volume from Wordtracker, Google, Keyword Discovery, 7Search, Miva,, and YouTube (consider developing your YouTube Marketing strategy with this).
  4. Keyword Metrics at a Glance. Calculates Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI), and Results/Search Ratio (R/S Ratio) automatically (did this before in a spreadsheet).
  5. Pay-per-click analysis for the key-phrases with price range for all match types (broad, phrase, and exact), as well as the number of competing ads, and showing the actual ads from right within the Keyword Research Pro software. (get the full story on Keyword Research Pro here)

keyword-research-pro-review-1Screenshot from Sales Page Video, Highlights Important Metrics

The #1 Thing I’ve Discovered Using Keyword Research Pro

Ability to quickly isolate keywords that I found to be beatable with basic SEO techniques.  If the allintitle numbers against the KEI are right, and there are some ads, there is a decent chance to out pull the rankings in a reasonable amount of time.  Very glad to see the addition of YouTube search, since YouTube is now the #2 search engine.

Who is Keyword Research Pro For?

The Newbie- If you are new to keyword research, what Fabian Lim has put together in this product shortens the learning curve because the software presents you with the information you should be considering as you do your keyword research.  If you aren’t sure what market to go into, or want to increase your likelihood of success by quickly identifying a ripe market, you’ll appreciate this tool.  Not having to do the manual searches to get this information (or even figure out what they are) will be a big time saver. (find out more here)

The Advanced- For those of you who are experienced keyword researchers, you’ll appreciate having all the information necessary for solid keyword research presented and calculated in a single interface (KEI, R/S, PPC data).  The time you will save will likely be the greatest value.

Who is Keyword Research Pro NOT For?

A valid question, however, I’m a believer that keywords are essential, so anyone with an online presence needs keyword data.  That said, if you are someone who is not sure if you want to go into online or internet marketing, and have no money to invest in tools, Keyword Research Pro is probably not for you (yet).  Consider investing in the manual ways to do keyword research, and then revisit this product.

keyword-research-pro-review-2Screenshot from Sales Page Video Highlighting Important CPC Data

What Keyword Research Pro is Missing

No software is perfect, and neither is this one.  I think for newbies, the help is useful, but it is online.  There should also be integrated (balloon) help in the application.  This would give additional value to those new to the terms by simply mousing over and seeing a brief explanation.  Perhaps this is being a little nit-picky, but for a newbie this could be a big help.  I suspect veterans wouldn’t appreciate this improvement as much.

Startup Time with Keyword Research Pro

It installs pretty easy on any Windows-based PC, and is running quickly.  Keep in mind it needs an internet connection in order to query the online databases housing the precious keyword data :-) (see the Keyword Research Pro sales page here)

What’s Required to Use the Product

Just have a fairly modern PC computer with Windows on it.  It is a pretty simply application, the greatest resource it requires is bandwidth (not much) when searching for keyword data.

Video Review of the Keyword Research Pro Sales Page

Here is a review of the sales page, and my use of the product on screen a bit as well:
If for some reason you cannot view the video here is the Video Review of Keyword Research Pro.

If You Buy – Something to Be Aware Of

If you choose to purchase Keyword Research Pro, you may be prompted with an upsell of training.  If you can swing it, get that training.  It is a huge value, and worth way more than the software. 

Word of Caution: Native English speakers may find Fabian’s accent a little hard to listen through.  He presents the information and supporting documentation very well, but some may find his accent a little challenging.  Not a big deal, but something to be aware of.

My Take On Keyword Research Pro

I’m convinced that understanding keywords, key-phrases, and how searchers are using them online is essential to online success.  Whether you are using SEO, Pay-per-click, or a combination of both, keywords are the foundation of what drives your traffic, and your online business.  Keyword Research Pro was developed by a keyword research and search expert, and as such has the essential components to help marketers identify profitable keywords.  After purchasing an autoresponder, Keyword Research Pro is on my newbies list of things to buy. (find out more about Keyword Research Pro here)

Incomplete Review: This review is incomplete without your input Own the product, considering purchasing?  Chime in with your impressions or feedback in the comment boxes below.
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  1. Solid, balanced review, in light of all the recent product pitch fests. This is a one time purchase, right? I don't think I can handle any more continuity products.

    1. Thanks for chiming in Alex, it is much better with your contribution. Yes, just a one time purchase. If the coupon is still on that page, you can save a little bit. I'm with you, only pay for continuity when absolutely necessary (competitive advantage, measurable and timely ROI). I should have made that clearer in the review.

  2. There is also a fine tool for keywords research and campaign building on This tool helps you find keywords on the internet, group them and create adgroups as much as building PPC camapigns, monitoring them and keep an eye on the competition. It's quite useful and time-saving. Should check it out.

    1. Thanks for the tip Ludwig. So others don't think you are a shameless promoter…:-) what is your experience with Keyword Research Pro? Why do you prefer ispionage? What are the advantages (specifics) you have found?

      Thanks for chiming in.

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