Review of Tweet Adder Latest Software Update

August 24, 2010


Twitter is a great way to connect with your market in a real-time fashion.  This site has posted reviews of several Twitter software tools in the last 18 months or so.  Tweet Adder has been around for some time, but not formally reviewed here.  Jamie and the team at Tweet Adder continue to build in features and add value to the product.  They were one of the first to support both PC and Mac when they released the 1.0 version. In this review I’ll touch on the debate surrounding automation of Twitter accounts, and what I find to be the three most compelling features of the latest update of Tweet Adder.

Review of Tweet Adder Latest Software Update

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April 28, 2011 UPDATE: The Tweet Adder developers just sent me (and other customers) an email informing me that a patch was just released to address a crash issue with the software as a result of changes that Twitter made to their interface. I have applied the update (Build#110428), and the software seems stable.

As a sidenote, the Tweet Adder developers do update the software regularly so keeping it current is a good idea. There are no upgrade fees, which is nice.

The Debate of Automation

No doubt this review will rub some people the wrong way.  Despite the fact that we are all limited to 24 hours in a day, some insist that automating anything related to social media is unethical.  The reality is, we are all busy professionals and technology is and should be used to leverage our time.  I’m sure you can think of one time when you spent too much time with social media activities. We’ve all done that.  I’m of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with mixing in a bit of automation into your twitter feed, and I’m not alone.  Some of the most known marketers online who embrace social media are using various forms of automation in their Twitter account.  For more Twitter time saver examples read go here.

Add RSS Feeds To Your Tweet Stream

This feature makes it easy to post a tweet to an updated piece of content based on the RSS feed.  Drop the RSS feed in, and when new content is posted to that site it will share it with your followers. FYI: The screenshots in this post are also found on the Tweet Adder site, and are posted here for your convenience.

Re-Tweet Tweet by Keyword

If you have favorite people in your market that you offer valuable information, you can identify them as a retweet candidate when their tweet contains certain keywords. Learn more about Tweet Adder here.

Twitter Profile Data (Bio) Search

This is a pretty basic feature; some of the search parameters can be performed doing a manual twitter search ( What is nice is the option to exclude those with the default Twitter avatar. In other words, if the account didn’t take the time to modify the default avatar, it may not be a valid account, rather a spam account. It allows you to specify following/follower criteria, as well as number of updates. Learn more about Tweet Adder here.

Other Noteworthy Features In Tweet Adder 3

  • Does not run on Twitter API
  • Tweets posted via “Web”, vs posted via “API”
  • Run Multiple Profiles at the same time
  • Follow, Unfollow, Tweet & Message throughout the day in a natural looking way
  • Has both a Windows Version and a Mac Version
  • Ability to remove profiles with default picture
  • Ability to remove profiles with urls in tweets or biography
  • Twitter List Search imports another users twitter list
  • Flexibility with result filters
  • Profile search results maintain how you found them with source keywords
  • Unique Tweet Generator – creates unique tweets automatically
  • @Reply Tweets – post a random tweet @someone who posts a tweet directed @you
  • Setup and Schedule Automated Tweets
  • Schedule and Set Up Direct Messages

Learn more details on these features of Tweet Adder here.

Bottom-line on Tweet Adder 3

For those who recognize the value of time as well as the value of having an active twitter account Tweet Adder is worth a look.  The latest update makes it easier to manage your profile with a robust set of features.  If you are an existing Tweet Adder customer, good news they currently offer lifetime updates, so no additional costs.  For new customers Tweet Adder sells at different price points, currently it’s $55 to manage a single Twitter profile all the way up to $188 for unlimited profiles. Learn more about Tweet Adder here.

Comments? Feedback? Chime in using the comment boxes below.

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61 Responses to “Review of Tweet Adder Latest Software Update”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I remember this product being much more expensive than you state.


  2. Ingrid Elfver Says:

    Travis, as always… Its one of my secret tools… love Tweet Adder… and I have a social media conversion system that I have created…( LOL) its truly makes a huge difference to manage your time as a online entrepreneur… I am going to retweet this…


  3. Sirhcnus Says:


    TweetAdder 3 version is a very good tool, But when i install my software I encounter this msg update ” There is an updated version of TweetAdder available. Please download and install the latest version in order to continue. Thanks” I always bump into this updates while opening my tool.


  4. DrBermant Says:

    This “update” is a poorly executed disaster in an attempt to compensate for Twitter no longer supporting their API. The company did a horrible job of beta testing and the release is poorly functioning. It misses finding those who have followed you. It does not recognize limits you put in the program. There are many other bugs. Support has been negligent and arrogant. My advice is to wait until they have a real functioning product unless you have no other choices.


    • DL Jenkins Says:

      I am having real problems with this version too. Their first iteration of the program did wonders now there have been steady losses as the program fails to follow the limits I have set.


  5. Layla Says:

    I’ve been extremely happy with Tweet Adder, Especially the new TweetAdder3 Version that came out. The new features and platform are so easy to use and the twitter software is now more powerful than ever.


  6. Grace Sun Says:

    I am experiencing error message in my Tweetadder 3 version, when opening the software I keep getting a message that I need to download the latest version (in a loop)

    “There is an updated version of TweetAdder available. Please download
    and install the latest version in order to continue. Thanks.”

    I already contact the support team but no response yet.

    Thus anyone have same problem? How can we solve this?


  7. Justin Says:

    Travis – would be nice if it had more filter functionality, e.g filter by location followers of a follower. Right now my business only really pertains to Australia so would like to just follow the Sydney, Melbourne etc followers of a follower.

    Love you reviews.


  8. TweetAdder Says:

    Hi, when this takes place we have provided some instructions at

    Q: Can’t install/ stuck in a loop/errors upgrading
    A: Please completely uninstall any versions of Tweetadder that you currently have on your computer, restart your computer, then download Tweetadder 3.0. Contact us back if this problem persists.

    If you have the program open on another other computer and are trying to install the 3.0 version, you will still have trouble. Uninstall from both machines.

    If you keep getting a message that you need to download the latest version (in a loop) it is because you need to clear your browser cache/temporary internet files. Your browser isn’t downloading the latest version because you have the other version cached.


  9. MKAllgood Says:

    I purchased TweetAdder 2010. When we were forced to upgrade to TweetAdder 3, I had problems – no support for importing or exporting the Follow Database. After a couple of weeks, they updated. I was happy and I got my software set up – I am actively promoting 9 Twitter accounts.

    There has been another update – which requires you to log in and use the #newtwitter interface. I’m using that interface on all of the accounts but TweetAdder 3 refuses to recognize this. I may be able to get a single account online but if I try for a second, then I loose access to both accounts with the message that I must log in and use the #newtwitter.

    I have contacted support 6 times in the past 3 weeks, and I keep getting a canned email back telling me how to log in to the #newtwitter interface.

    This went from being the best marketing tool I have ever used to a tool that is costing me money for every day I am unable to use it.

    I recommend avoiding this release until they work out the bugs and start showing some respect to their customers.

    There is another issue – the Twitter API is still in place and working – programs like Tweet Deck use the API.


  10. Justin Says:

    TweedAdder really needs to lift it’s game customer service wise. I’m still waiting for them to get back to me after they promised me they would well over 5 weeks ago. I can’t believe there is not more negative comment out there in Twitter land.


    • Nevin Quayle Says:

      Struggling with my RSS feeding. Like I said above it has been 1 month I have been waiting for a proper help from them few days ago I made a comment on their latest blog which I thought someone would respond but this was deleted.

      I have never seen anything like that anywhere. They did not like the comment and they have deleted it instead of helping you !!!.


  11. Joaquin Lopez Says:

    Problems with my RSS feeds. I am unable to automatically tweet any feed from one week ago. I have reviewed all and everything seems to be OK. In the log I always get this message: “RSS Tweet skipped because there were no valid RSS items to tweet.” I have lots of RSS with news. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks.


  12. Anne Marie Says:

    If you upgrade more than once, you have to Paypal the money to them and wait for them to send you the new registration code. I did that and it’s been four days and no word. It’s hard to pay $100+, be ignored by both email and phone, and still not have the registration code for my final, unlimited license. I really like the software, but the customer service is very poor which means I won’t be adopting the affiliate program. I simply can’t recommend software without the customer support. It would hurt my reputation as well.


    • Travis Campbell Says:

      Anne Marie-

      As a reader of this site, my apologies to you that TweetAdder hasn’t responded as you would like. I will ping their support group personally, and see what they say. Have you emailed their support address support (at) tweetadder (dot) com ?



    • Travis Campbell Says:

      Quick update, I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but when product reviewed here garnishes customers that post comments such as yours, I feel I need to investigate.

      What I understand from them is that they have worked with you to resolve this issue already and you now have your fully upgraded license. Apparently they recommend customers who want ot upgrade right away, to purchase the unlimited version, and then request a refund for the difference on the back end, so you don’t have to wait around for the license. Otherwise, only paying the upgrade difference via PayPal invokes a manual process and the delays that can come with that (which you experienced).

      Let me know here what the status is when you have a moment.

      Hope that helps others.


  13. Marketingprofessionals Says:

    I bought the FULL VERSION OF TWEETADDER 3 and I must tell you IT SUCKS! It only works on the FIRST DAY and then it doesn’t work correctly anymore! It keeps showing WRONG NUMBERS OF FOLLOWERS &, FOLLOWING, it doesn’t follow back PEOPLE THAT ARE FOLLOWING YOU correctly, IT MISSES A LOT AND YOU’LL END UP LOSING THOSE FOLLOWERS THAT ARE WAITING TO BE FOLLOWED BACK.


  14. Mark Stephens Says:

    Travis, I am looking into this software technology for a number of functions within our business, as the benefits are obvious, but as with any software purchase I approach with caution and look for guidance from multiple sources.

    I have been guided to the Twitter Following rules and best practices that outline 1/ the restrictions that this software faces and 2/ the potential impact that it could have if Twitter became aware that we were using an automated system.

    What assurances can you provide that our Twitter accounts would not fall victim to Twitter rules and be shut down?



    • Travis Campbell Says:


      Very fair questions here.

      1.) The software no longer uses the Twitter API, but interacts as a webpage transparent to the user, and is not subject to API governing (or the fact that at this very moment the API is unavailable!).
      2.) You need to configure the software so it behaves in a “natural” way, so no mass following, only follow 50 per day for example, and only during configured business hours. TweetAdder supports that. It used to be understood that after you have 2000 followers Twitter is much more kind, and less touchy of aggressive behavior, though I’m not entirely certain this is still the case.
      3.) Still concerned? You can configure the software to use a Proxy service, free or paid. It is right in the software.

      I have had two accounts shut down, or limited, not because of tweetadder, but because of apps I approved, that went rogue months afterward! In all cases Twitter support was outstanding and corrected my issue in just a couple business days.



      • Mark Stephens Says:

        Thanks Travis – Good advise
        I am guessing that the software comes configured to act in a natural way? and that you can set the SW to follow what ever number you choose, when configuring it?
        I am unsure what a proxy service is, so if you have a recommendation of a free service that we can take a look at that would be most helpful.
        Thank you for your time to respond to my questions. Very helpful


        • Travis Campbell Says:

          You can tell the software how to behave, there is some setup time involved, so be prepared for that. Once it’s done, it’s ready to go.

          They pull down proxy servers right into the software (free ones), or you can configure your own. Note: proxy servers alter performance, and sometimes go offline altogether, I change mine up 1x a week or so. They are not necessary to use if you are slowly building a following.



  15. Rachel Says:

    I have just upgraded to tweet adder 3, after I was prompted to do so. Since I did this I am unable to open Tweet Adder. Each time I do the application just crashes. I even uninstalled it and then re downloaded the app but to no avail. I’m tearing my hair out, can you help?


    • Travis Campbell Says:


      Sorry to hear of your woes with the software. As you know, I don’t create or support the software. Have you tried contacting them through their support channels? Have you tried installing on a different computer?


      • rachel Says:

        Travis – thank you for your swift reply I have contacted their support team via email (there is no telephone number given) but haven’t had a response as yet. I could try and download it using my work computer tomorrow. That, of course, is not ideal as I won’t have access to it over a weekend. It’s incredibly frustrating because it worked perfectly until this upgrade was introduced and I haven’t changed any settings on my machine. I understand that there have been widespread issues with the the upgrade crashing, but Tweet Adder say they have fixed it – I don’t think this is the case.


        • Travis Campbell Says:

          My pleasure :-). Not sure if it will help at all, but you are welcome to let them know I sent you to them. Let me know how it works out for you Rachel!



  16. Nigel Says:

    Since the latest April 2011 “upgrades” TweetAdder has simply stopped working. I’ve tried uninstalling, re-installing, on two different machines, but the software crashes immediately upon startup. I’ve emailed their support team on several occasions but they no longer respond. To all intents and purposes, I believe the software is dead and I would not recommend that anyone wastes their money on it.


    • Travis Campbell Says:


      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. I find that very surprising. I don’t work for Tweet Adder, but have many subscribers who are using it, having reported no issues. 

      The timing of your comment is interesting as I just applied another update yesterday without issue.

      I’m only using it on Windows. What operating system are you running it on?

      I would open another support ticket, as far as I know there is no other product on the market that compares to Tweet Adder.



  17. GuitarsCanada Says:

    Upon upgrading it did nothing but crash. No response via emails and no response from a PayPal dispute claim. I upped it to a refund claim at PayPal and got my money back. Too bad but hey, no response and I only had it for about 2 weeks before it started crashing


  18. Darren Says:

    Does anyone know why I am unable to even get to the damn website?! I can only get to it through my iPad! I checked my computer…no viruses….no spyware….no adware found!


  19. Domain Registration India Says:

    Really great review about this software and you have described everything very clearly.


  20. Anonymous Business Owner Says:

    Hey, I have been using the demo and it is way above my expectations! I was just about to purchase the unlimited plan however I am concerned about the lack of support. I sent an email asking a few questions that were not listed in the FAQ and have yet to receive a response. I wasn’t too worried as of yet until I noticed all these other replies on here.   :(

    Unfortunately, all other twitter automation programs I have tried are not as good as Tweet Adder IMO.

    Its tough deciding between awesome software with terrible/no customer service or mediocre software with existent customer service. Since I am using this for a few business accounts I am strongly leaning towards a competitor that has better customer service.

    TWEET ADDER, STRAIGHTEN UP! If I get an email back in the next few days I will be purchasing Tweet Adder, if not, I will unfortunately use a competitor.


    • Travis Campbell Says:


      Thanks for chiming in here. I haven’t been able to find a better product to date, given the functionality and price. Yes, support could be better. In fact I WISH their was more competition, I think it would cause them to step their game up.

      What I’ve told my readers and subscribers, is “where” you got it from. Use their support interface, and say that “Travis at said you’d help me with…”.

      It’s unfortunate that this approach should be considered, but it has helped others. Can’t hurt.

      Let me know how it goes.



  21. Travis Campbell Says:


    Sorry to hear of your woes with TweetAdder, no fun for sure. As I mentioned to “Anonymous Business Owner”, contact them and let them know sent you… (read my reply to him below).

    I have it running on a 32-bit Windows OS (Server), and have not had any issues (see attached screenshot). 
    Let us know how it turns out for you. They haven’t been perfect on the support side, but always seem to make it right. If that changes, I want to know about it!



  22. Joshx1 Says:

    Got it working after a day of “error validating your registration key” it finally worked!

    Who hoo!@!!


  23. Brian Crocker Says:

    I was wondering if i can use this program for ipad as well. 


    • Travis Campbell Says:

      No iPad version that I know of (just got an iPad myself). You can use Logmein or a remote desktop software on the iPad to get to a Windows PC running Tweet Adder, however.
      Let me know what you go with @twitter-64022771:disqus .



  24. Logo Design Says:

     Thanks a lot for share this setting i will try to use this tweet adder soft.
    Thanks once again.


  25. Andrew Miller Says:

    I have so far had major issues with this version in just 4 days of use.  today I have had 7 crashes alone.  A complete re-start, you name it – still crashes.  I am not a happy person with the lack of customer support either.


  26. Nevin Quayle Says:

    Hi Travis

    I bought tweetadder 1 month ago and I was so excited to use the RSS feed but since I have got it I can not get it to work !!!.
    I have been sending them e mails explaining the way how I set it up ( which is not too long ) but they send me the same e mail each time. 

    I sent them lots of RSS feed URL if they were ok but ;

    Tweetadder Customer Service is just so frustrating and I can not believe them.

    I asked them a telephone number to call them to make everything easier but they said that they only use e mail support to keep the cost down !!!.

    Which support !!!. They have already sold something, they do not even have a proper e mail support.

    It has been 1 month !!!.

    Every time I told them I want to use tweetadder, thats why I bought it and it is very upsetting.

    2 days ago my husband sent them an e mail again and yesterday they sent me the same e mail again.

    Again and again and they are unbelievable !!!.

    I would appreciate any help.


  27. Website Hosting Says:

    Thanks for taking time for sharing this article, it was excellent and very informative. as a first time visitor to your blog I am very impressed. I found a lot of informative stuff in your article. Keep it up. Thank you.


  28. Guest Says:

    I have had it for some time but recently it is crashing more and more 161 crashes i Janaury and so far in February it has crashed 35 times. There only solutionj is to delete all databases and start from scratch. That would ruin a lot of work.


  29. Onurxl2 Says:

    I want to post my latest e mail to Tweetadder tech / customer team 

    here it goes:

    MY LAST E MAIL Dear sir/madam
    May i ask if u check the jpeg file i attached? 
    The problem is not unfollow
    The PROBLEM is 

    When that report od no ?D promts 


    ? GOT 10 different accounts on tweetadder



    as i was kindly trying to say beacuse of one account has no more ids to do “sumting” why other 9 accounts stop working till somebody clicks ok

    Adder still working on back ground


    and i know u got your money and ur done with the ones with unlimited accounts :)))


    • Travis Campbell Says:

      You sound rightfully frustrated!

      As you well know, I am not tech support. I have TweetAdder on a dedicated machine, and have had no issues. Is it possible you install on another computer and see how it works. Using their support channel is the best option to get help.

      Please let me know how/when this is resolved.


  30. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Professor, Is there something like Tweet Adder for Google Plus yet? I figures if anyone knows, it would be you, Travis. 


    • Travis Campbell Says:

      Mark, not until Google opens up their API, and they continue to grow a loyal user base will anything like TweetAdder be available. Google has focused hard to secure real identities, so I don’t imagine a product for Google+ would have the appeal as Tweet Adder does for Twitter.

      Hope that helps,


  31. Travis Campbell Says:

    Thanks Onur. I encourage you do contact Tweet Adder support. They put out updates periodically, and this is one they don’t want to miss.



  32. LisaNick Says:

    What is another software that is comparable to Tweetadder? Comparable not in its crappiness, crashing, lack of customer service, snarky jerks tech support and lies.


    • Travis Campbell Says:

      Fair question Lisa. The other products are either worse or out of business. I wish there was a standout leader, but I’m afraid this is it. They have been slow to respond to support inquiries from customers, but it seems to be more with long time users, who have large databases associated with the application.

      I’m open to ideas, if others have similar products you’d like to see reviewed, let me know. I use this platform to get review copies and post hype-free reviews here. 



  33. Ryan Says:

    Hey Travis,

    Great post, thanks for sharing. What does not run on twittwr API mean?


  34. Seanjfergusson Says:

    Hi There, how easy is it to install my exisiting tweetadder lisences onto another PC in my office? Thanks Sean


  35. Gregg Thorpe Says:

    Crash issue was addressed below – my program crashes every time it loads but it still runs and does the job even in ‘error’ mode. Latest version build I have is #120731 – the software still gets my highest praise I just hope it will become a little more stable in the future. I moved the databases and program to my new system and it still gives me the error.


  36. Kim Says:

    I accidentally hit “clear list” in the automated tweet page of tweetadder when I meant to hit “clear tweet”. Is there any way to “undo” this move?


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