StomperNet – 3 Takeaways from Their Latest SEO Video

stompernet-7-deadly-seo-mistakesStomperNet has reopened access to their offline magazine “The Net Effect” and in traditional StomperNet fashion they are announcing it by giving away some excellent information in a series of videos free for the taking.  Andy Jenkins is a master when it comes to educating the masses on complex SEO topics with video.  In this post, I’ll highlight 3 takeaways from their latest video.

StomperNet – 3 Takeaways from Their Latest SEO Video

If you’ve never heard of StomperNet or seen one of their videos you are in for a treat.  It’s not so much the presentation of the video (while it is excellent), rather the content shared with SEO Expert and faculty member Leslie Rohde.  I’ve not found anything free on the topic of SEO that compares with what they’ve produced.

Take in their latest video here:

StomperNet ‘LSI is Lame’ Video – Part 1

Here are three takeaways.

1.) Google and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)

This part of the video dives into what LSI is, and why it was believed that Google was using it (since they have the largest computer in the world).  In fact, as the video asserts, Google doesn’t have any patents for LSI.  They share a great (but not overwhelming) explanation of LSI (around 2 minute marker), and how it is interesting, but not realistic for Google.  The big takeaway here is that Google is not using LSI.

2.) Google Uses Something Better Than LSI

To illustrate this point, they contrast two common characters (11:30) to depict what Google uses.  This down to earth approach is helpful for anyone trying to get their arms around this.  Which leads to the third takeaway.

3.) Introducing “Referential Integrity”

In this section (12:25) Leslie Rohde gives an overview of the upside of what he calls Referential Integrity as:

  • Rapid and consistent rankings
  • Proven and tested
  • Works on competitive and long-tail terms
  • Looks and feels natrual to humans and spiders
  • White hat (Google wants you to use this method)

In selling the benefits of “Referential Integrity” they are inviting you to get the second half of the video, as well as their 7 part video course “7 Deadly SEO Mistakes (and HOW to AVOID them)” and yes, you need to trust them with your email so they can send them to you.

StomperNet ‘LSI is Lame’ Video – Part 1

StomperNet Videos – The Rest of the Story

I’ve seen Part 2 of the video, and it is worth it.  I’m looking forward to the videos in the free 7 part course as well.

Be sure to get access to the videos by registering for them, the opt-in form is on the part 1 video pageThoughts?  Feedback?  As always share your comments in the boxes below this post.

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5 thoughts on “StomperNet – 3 Takeaways from Their Latest SEO Video”

  1. Thanks for the quick rundown. The video started fast, and got right to the point, who produces those for them?

    1. Stu-

      Thanks for the feedback. Andy Jenkins is the man behind the production, I agree he is very talented. I’m watching the first video in the 7 part series now, so far just as good.

  2. I just love the production of this video, gotta see more, and the content is first class. That voice enhancement and the upbeat way it is put together makes it extremely watchable. Thanks Andy

    1. Denise-

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your input, yes Andy does great stuff with video indeed.

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