7 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Google’s Personal Search

There has been a lot of activity recently with our friends at Google. Last week they announced the rollout of Google Plus Your World. This is essentially a more elegant version of personal search, with a snazzy video (shown a bit later). Now that the dust has settled, the question marketers are asking is how to leverage this? What does it mean for SEO?  It means a lot. We’ll cover that and share 7 things you can do now to make the most of Google’s recent changes.

7 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Google’s Personal Search

The farm. Google is pretty much betting that on their social initiative, Google+. Before sharing more on that, if you haven’t seen the video of this new functionality it’s here:

From my vantage point there are several forces in play here:

  • Delivering more relevant search results.
  • Unifying many of the Google properties and services with the Google bar and Google+.
  • In doing so, training users that the cloud is where they should put their data (and that it’s safe with Google).
If you have spammy websites that have been generating passive revenue, listen up. Those SEO results you’ve been getting are likely to change. If you are someone who is establishing a new website, or wanting more exposure to your existing site with Google, consider the following. For more on the impact of Google Plus Your World see what Ross wrote.

1-Have a Long-Term View

Similar to SEO projects, your ability to penetrate personal search results will take time. So many get burned out when they don’t get “instant” results online. The fact is, “instant results” only become (more) instant once your site is viewed favorably, trustworthy by Google.

Having a long-term view is a step in that direction. I like to think of Google as a business partner. Built value and trust into the relationship and over time they will reward you for it. [Tweet Me]

2-Get on Google Plus

Many of you reading this likely already have a Google Plus account. If you don’t, go set one up. Be sure to fill out your profile data, and created an engaging introduction. If you want to get a head-start, here are some Google Plus Tips to get you going.

3-Hook in your other social profiles on your profile page

While personal search doesn’t currently support other social profiles like Twitter, this is certainly something Google has done in the past, and wants to do going forward. When creating your profile, be sure to add links to your other social profiles. This not only tells readers of your profile where else you may be active, but it informs Google to look there as well.

4-Get on YouTube

I’ve been a fan of YouTube for some time. It is one of the top referral sources of converting traffic (screenshot here) I’ve seen. If you don’t have channel on YouTube, it’s important you get one.

Why? We know that YouTube videos show up in Google search results, but more than that is the social component. YouTube is a social network. You comment, rate, favorite, subscribe. Those are social actions, and social indicators.

It may or may not happen this year, but look for Google to integrate YouTube more tightly into the Google + social framework. As evidence of their integration of Google apps, Android apps, Blogger, and AdWords ads (to name a few).

Last summer Google started cleaning house on YouTube, shutting accounts down what they deem invalid, and of no value to users (more on this here and here). I believe this is part of the process before Google integrates Google+ with YouTube.

5-Establish a Brand Page

Beyond having a personal profile, it’s important that you have a brand page for your website, or business. Learn more about how to build your Google+ business page here.

This additional profile page is important in telling Google that you are serious, and that you intend to deliver value to the web.

6-Build Your Networks

Targeted. This is key. Build connections with people who are influential in your market. Personal profiles, and business profiles. If what Jon Henshaw says is true and Google has a new page rank coined as the Google Profile Authority (GPA), it’s wise to think in terms of building authority into your profiles. Numbers take a back seat here. Value, relevance, and authority will factor in Google rankings.

The Premium version of Google Plus Secrets “How to Build a Power Network” is designed to help users do just that, build a targeted network on Google Plus.

7-Have a Steady Diet of Online Social

This ties into the points of thinking long term and thinking of Google as a business partner. Sharing valuable content with those who have added you to their network is nice, sharing content that is engaged with via +1, shares, and comments is better. Doing the former consistently will lead to more of the latter. This presents a challenge, and requires consistency, but in the end, it is worth it.

In the end, if you depend on SEO traffic as a significant portion of your traffic, you need to be involved and engaged in the social web. These 7 tips are designed to help set you in the right direction. What do you think? Do you think viewing Google as a business partner is smart, foolish, or somewhere in between? Do you think that the hype about Google+ is overblown, or is there merit to it? Chime in below.
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Author: Travis Campbell

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  1. Great tips you have shared with us, in-spite of regular user of google i never think on these lines before read your post, no-doubt that these tips are very effective and important to leverage google personal searches. 

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