Google Caffeine Feedback From Around the Web

I was reading about Google’s latest search engine overhaul which is forthcoming.  Google Caffeine is designed to compete with social media sites like Facebook (Friendfeed), and Twitter with improved real-time search.  Like any early technology it has its share of issues, but it seems again that Google has the right idea.  Below is a compilation of articles that talk about this subject (and I found interesting).

Google Caffeine Feedback From Around the Web

I was hoping to test the service myself, however the Google Caffeine Sandbox is Matt-Cutts-caffeine-downcurrently down, as seen by a recent tweet by Matt Cutts.  Instead, I thought I’d include what others are saying around the web.

Is Google Caffeine Faster? – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

What is different between the old version of Google (what we currently see at and this new “Google Caffeine” version of Google? Some are saying that this new version is much faster than the older version of Google. …

Video Search Queries in The Google Caffeine Sandbox

I’ve been playing around with the just-announced Google Caffeine sandbox ( – which is down for system maintenance at the moment),

Two Tools To Compare Google With Google Caffeine

Since Monday’s launch of the Google Caffeine sandbox, there have been numerous articles and posts offering ideas on what’s different between regular Google.

Google Caffeine Test Suggests Too Much Emphasis on Real-Time Indexing

Google has gone ahead and done what search marketers could only have previously dreamed about: given us an advance preview …

Google Caffeine – What You Should Know | John Chow dot Com

However, I guess if you have proven your worth and had already established good relationships you won’t worry about the effect of this Google Caffeine. When you showcase substance and value people will hunt you. …

Chime In: What are your thoughts on Google Caffeine?  Was this a decent resource for you, or a lame one?  Give a shout in the comment boxes below.
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