Socializing Blog Comments for Improved SEO

This site get’s spam comments all the time. If you have a blog, you likely know what I mean. They are pretty distinguishable. Consider this one from ‘Ahmed’:
“have viewed your site. it contains very useful material, i shall be grateful if you help me to promote my business. [website url inserted]”
Or ‘Sf’, apparently he likes a competing product to one reviewed here,
“Nyaways i like the autotweeter software [website url inserted] is the place if u wud like to give it a go”
Poor grammar and spelling makes me question the return on investment some outsource SEO services really offer. It’s no secret that commenting on blogs can also benefit your site from an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective (backlinks).  However, there is another optimization that needs to be considered first.

Socializing Blog Comments for Improved SEO

For whitehat SEO, comments that miss what I call Social Engagement Optimization (SEO), will kill the effectiveness of your efforts.

If SEO (the search kind) is your focus there are other ways to get links to your site, that may offer better results.  Similar to the comments above, from ‘Ahmed’ and ‘Sf’ yours may go unapproved if you aren’t careful.

If you engage the writer and even other commentors on the site socially, you’ll increase your chances of your comment being approved, and having your viewpoint is exposed to everyone else reading the post.

Consider the RRR Formula for Blog Commenting Effectiveness

Read. Actually take the time to read the article, you might learn something, and see if it doesn’t strike a nerve with you in some way.

Relate. (Writing) In my experience this step is most often overlooked entirely, don’t let it happen to you! In your comment relate the subject of the article to your own experience (doesn’t have to be long).  Perhaps you would’ve benefitted in the past had you known a specific tip presented in the article.  Or maybe the article presents a problem that you’ve had to deal with at one time.

React. (Socialize) This is where you can engage the writer further. You can certainly share your viewpoint without being preachy, or better yet ask a question.  Going even further, balance your viewpoint with a question of the reader that would give them an opportunity to share their expertise further if they choose to answer.

Using these steps in your comments may take a little more time, the results can benefit your SEO, and your SEO.

Now is your chance, chime in below (consider using the RRR formula).

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Author: Travis Campbell

Husband. Dad. Marketing automator. Author. Educating and coaching others in their online business endeavors. Here's his Google profile.

66 thoughts on “Socializing Blog Comments for Improved SEO”

  1. Interesting article, but I’m still not sure if I get it. This is something I’ve struggled with, knowing when and where it’s okay to throw in a backlink to your blog or your company’s blog. Maybe you can expand on these ideas esp when it comes to commenting with an obvious backlink. Thanks.

    1. Ah Benjamin, you certainly DO get it :-). Social Engagement Optimization means you compliment what the author has said with conversation that adds value to the post. In many ways, it’s another social network. Ever have someone comment on your Facebook status and drop a link? How’d that make you feel? [Make sense?]

      Here’s the thing. You already are dropping a backlink when you fillout the website field on a typical blog commenting field. Make sure that link counts. Dropping another link in the actual comment states the obvious to the post author (you want a link).

      Here’s a thought. If you really would like to drop a link in the comment itself, ping the author on twitter, let them know you appreciated the post, state that you were preparing a comment and that it contains a link, ask them the policy for doing this. That you’d hate to drop a link if that’s not in keeping with the commenting framework of the site.

      I’d imagine most folks would appreciate you reaching out, and may even let the comment through (I would).


      1. Haha, thanks for the vote of confidence. It’s just tough to know that this stuff actually works, I guess it’s just like other forms of social networking online, gotta put the time in to really see returns.

        Great advice on asking for permission via twitter etc, I’ll def be using that tip.


        1. If you have tracking in place, you can prove if it works. Consider doing this:
          1.) Use Yahoo site explorer to see how many backlinks exist to your site. Make a note of that (could use a spreadsheet, but let’s stay low tech for now).
          2.) Carve out 1 hour a day to comment on blogs, ideally related to your niche.
          3.) During that time search your primary keywords here
          4.) Scan the items published in the last day, and comment on the ones where you can do your SEO (social kind).
          5.) At the end of each week, visit Yahoo site explorer and update your note of backlinks.

          After 30 days, you just might be hooked. More than the growth in backlinks to your site, you might forge some great relationships with thought leaders in your niche.

          Useful? Overwhelming?

          1. idk about useful or overwhelming… genius might be more on target. Your action plan goes into effect for me starting tonight. hmm, maybe I can even blog about it. Huge thanks for the great outline.

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  2. I agree with you Ben, I’m also confused. Maybe I’ll take time to read more on basic SEO, before jumping to another strategy. Thanks anyway, Travis. I just got so interested with your video (youtube) and followed you here (laughs)… Hope to learn more from you..

  3. Well Travis, what you’re doing SEO-wise must be working because that’s how I got here! Well done. Too funny … I get comments like that constantly on my WP blog and I just have to shake my head and wonder “Do they REALLY think they have any chance of me approving this garbage?” It only takes a few minutes to actually read the post, learn from it, and comment intelligently! I like your content, Travis … best to you.

    1. Glad to see you here Scott. Some spam commentors are hired guns, others are software programs. Both fail in SEO. Thanks for what you are doing to help the masses out there who are or who want to work from home.

  4. Travis, I like your 3 R’s. To me the SEO value of comment links isn’t just the backlinks for (which are often rel=”nofollow” anyway) but the ability to forge connections with like-minded readers who may be part of our target audience and may genuinely be interested in the links we might share. To that end I really should comment more often.
    What the spam commenters seem to forget is that no one will click on those links, unless they found value in the comment to begin with.

    While many comment so that Google will count the inbound links (if they are not nofollow) they seem to forget that the true value lies in the people who click through from the blog where the comment was made. These are the people who really care about the topic to begin with.

    That said, my advice (which I shared awhile back in “Enhance your reputation & increase traffic by joining discussions on other blogs“) has always been to comment when your instinct is to react. Say something if you can add to the conversation, but don’t bother if you are just scratching your head thinking “I should post something here, but I’m not quite sure what to say.”

    Note to Ben: I typically include links (such as the above) in the context of the comment if they are really specific to the topic and add to what I’m already trying to communicate. (I also do this with LinkedIn answers.) If I don’t have something that specific, then I just leave my blog in the url field. Or as in the case of this blog I sign in with whatever service seems most relevant.

    1. Nice Heidi. If I may… in my analysis “no follow” links do not equal “no value”. They do have merit, just not as much. That said, spammers will do what they can to spread their links regardless.

      As always, appreciate you stopping by.

  5. I am really very impressed with your RRR formula. Commenting express to readers that you are active, passionate about a particular subject and want to add value to the topic being discussed. Moreover, the blog comments are a great way to communicate and build relationships with key people in your area. Through its use, a company can create positive feedback and experience the benefits of social media marketing. So its better to read all the comments before leaving yours. Leave comments that are relevant and valuable to others beyond mere opinion.

    1. BSC-

      Great points here. The greatest form of flattery for any site owner is a blog commenter that adds value, continues the conversation, and visits often.

      See you around.


  6. The nice thing is that there are enough options out there for trial and error. The most important thing is making the “conversation” accessible and convenient for the reader.

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  9. Make your blog comment section into  ‘dofollow.” i agree with that because with a nofollow links meaning that when some one place his link it passes no pagerank Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

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  11. There are several good points here on the blog comments. How often do you see blogs full of spam comments. Unfortunately, SEO is only because its so backlinking. For the positioning of Google increases

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  13. I am working on consolodating my online brand and identity. How to i set
    my blog up to receive the comments i post on others blogs or the
    questions I answer on Yahoo Answers or Linked in Q&A?

    1. I would recommend trying to use multiple RSS feeds one from easy of those sources. Then create a single RSS feed from all of those sources, and use to host a widget of content from that single RSS feed.

      Alternatively, you might consider setting up a friendfeed account and hook all those accounts to friendfeed. Then you can host a friendfeed widget on your site to display your content from those sources (not sure if they have native support for Y! Answers tho, you’ll need to check, or just use an RSS feed from that profile.).



  14. I work with a SEO company what i find, blog commenting is useful for SEO but social engagement in it can offer useful information from experts, good results, and traffic as well rather commenting only for getting a link to your site….

  15. The RRR rule’s a pretty good way to interpret how blog commenting is supposed to be done. There are some people who would think about the quality of the links that they’re dropping before they actually think of how they’re going to react to the post or the conversations.

    — Ray

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  17. I really like your article as it addresses the issue of spamming for link juice.
    Ive got two sites ,both concerned with pet nutrition that get hit daily.
    All it is doing is blocking up a good email address and putting me of giving any credit to the genuine posts..
    What is the answer?

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  23. When I comment on blog use many tips of blog commenting. But today I read this article I get a nice idea that is RRR formula. Realy it’s mice. I will use that and I think I can make more quality blog comments. Again Thanks.

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