Create Our Google Plus Business Page with Me (Video)

marketing-with-google-plus-pagesFinally. Google plus pages for businesses and brands are here. What to do with the page apparently seems to be a hotly debated question at the moment, and is a question for another day.  For now I want to show you how I created one, and the number one area to focus on when it comes to your business page on Google plus. I turned on the camera to capture creating the Google Plus page for 

Create My Google Plus Business Page with Me (Video)

Google keeps moving things forward with it’s social initiative at breakneck speed. After revamping Google Reader, and hinting that Google Plus users will soon be able to add people to their circles on search results pages, Google pages are available for brands and businesses.

How to Create a Google Plus Business Page, and the Number One thing to Focus On When Doing So

If you can’t see it find it here on YouTube: How to Create a Google Plus Page for Brands and Business (video player used below EVP.)


  • Visit to create your page.
  • Decide what type of page to create using the available categories there.
  • Be sure to enter your website with ‘http://’ in front of the URL.
  • Agree to Google’s terms (I am not a lawyer).
  • Set the tagline attribute of your new page.
  • Upload your business logo, moniker, or face of your company.
  • The most important thing you can do? Create a compelling introduction.
  • Link text as appropriate.

Useful? Chime in below with your thoughts, create your page, and be sure to include your Google Plus Business page link with your comment.


  • See and circle our new page on Google Plus.
  • Discover what everyone is learning to get more traffic and sales from Google Plus. Created by Travis Campbell. Free access for a limited time.

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  • Affordable SEO Services

    Super Duper posting, whenever I come across a blog that really has some
    excellent unique content I always want to say thankyou, there are so
    many blogs nowadays that are full of copied content.

    • Travis Campbell

      “Super Duper” uhhh, that is a blast from the past.

  • April Smith

    I tried registering my company AHA MEDIA and it said that the name entered doesn’t seem work

    “The name you entered doesn’t seem to meet our Names Policy. Check it over and try again.Did we make a mistake? Click here to contact us.”Would you have any tips on how to proceed further?  Thanks so much :)

    • Travis Campbell


      Interesting. You might try making the page as a website, and then try changing the name after it is created.

      Did you submit an inquiry to them to see what they have to say?


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  • Dominican hospital Santa Cruz

    as respect to FB i did not find g+ effective for marketing ..the look and feel ,design its not to attractive ???

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  • Business Marketing Video

     you will have a URL for it that you can include on all your other marketing collateral and in any communications your organization sends out. If you make the information on your Google Plus business profile available to everyone on the Web, then your page URL will also appear in Google searches, making it more likely that your organization will be discovered. …

  • Internet marketing

    Hi Travis Campbell,

    When i was arrived on your blog for gathering to tips of  make Google plus business page, After read and seeing video, hardly i going to make this page for my business…and End of week I was checked google analytic for my site and there was miracle result, maximum traffic  came from google plus page on my website…My advice for other guys that start your business by this page….Thanks

  • Allaboutpc98

    Hi Travis,
    Thanks for the awesome video. I just created my basic computer repair business page and want to add images from my company. I’ll keep working on my introduction as well

    • Travis Campbell

      Good for you! Congrats!

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