My Video Marketing Toolkit

From time to time I’m asked what tools I use to create videos. The question behind the question is often really, “How can I use video effectively to get more traffic and sales.”

Software and tools are important, but equally important is understanding how to use video marketing to extend your online marketing for maximum benefit.

In this post, I’ll share the video marketing hardware, software, and training used to market this site and others.

My Video Marketing Toolkit

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with real people, prospects, and customers. It continues to be one of the top conversion sources of visitors to this site. Here is a list of tools I use to help product and market videos.

Video Marketing Hardware

There are three pieces of hardware I use depending on the situation.

Webcam: Sometimes I’ll record interviews that I have via Skype, or even using the Hangouts feature Google Plus for group video chats. I’ve owned an HD webcam for about 2 years that has worked very well for this purpose. It is by Logitech 720p Webcam Pro 9000. It’s currently available on Amazon here for $39.99.

Pocket HD Camera: This is great if you don’t have a lot of room but want to get decent video quality. The camera I use is a Kodak Zi8, and is the one I use for interviews. If I were to purchase a replacement I’d likely go with the Kodak Playtouch.

DSLR Camera Video Mode: Recently, I’ve been sneaking some time with my wife’s DSLR with one of those fancy lenses. What’s nice is the camera allows for HD video, and the lens creates a nice depth of field. You can get an idea what this looks like in the video on the Muvee Reveal Review (found toward the bottom of the post).

Video Marketing Software

When it comes to software, I’m going to focus on the software used to edit and render the videos, not software that promises SEO benefit through mass-distribution, etc.

Muvee Reveal X: Simplest way to create polished videos fast from photos and videos. This is something I re-discovered recently and may be the best tool available for those who want to create professional movies quickly. If you want the full scoop, see this Muvee Reveal review.

Camtasia: This product was the first video marketing product I purchased. It makes it easy to record your screen on either your PC or Mac. Useful for training or illustrating a product features, or even to record PowerPoint or other slideshow presentations. Recording slideshow presentations has become popular when used in conjunction with automated webinar software like this one (review) to sell products or services. Find more details on this review of Camtasia.

Video Marketing Training

Online marketing is a rapidly changing field. Understanding how to create videos is helpful, but knowing what to include in your videos and how to do with them to maximize your online marketing opportunity is another thing altogether. This goes beyond video marketing, but in every facet of what you are doing with your online business, learning from experts gives one the potential to leapfrog competitors just by executing a proven tip or strategy.

I’ve taken several video marketing courses, but the one I’m currently recommending to readers is the one by James Wedmore, Video Traffic Academy.

One thing James does to make it easy for customers of his course, is to download various formats of the course modules, be it ‘Cliff Notes’, MP3, Slides, or the Transcription. He also provides a whole video resource library so you can create videos that sell. See our Video Traffic Academy review here.

Creating Your Own Video Marketing Toolkit

Video marketing takes some time and work. These products are ones I’ve added to my toolkit incrementally. Don’t feel you need to have all these products in place to start marketing effectively with video, I didn’t! Commit to video marketing and strive to produce quality videos with the least amount of time and effort. Tools and training like these will help you get there.
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  1. Well i just saw the website of video traffic academy and their techniques for video marketing are just awesome. Even i am also doing marketing of my youtube videos but their tips for marketing videos are very good. 

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