My Visit to Clickbank Offices

From time to time I get to meet people in the Internet marketing industry who are doing great things to serve the community. It wasn’t until moving to Colorado did I learn that one of the marquee companies in the Internet marketing space had a large office just 15 minutes from where I live. So this post will share a bit of what I learned on my visit to Clickbank, and why I think they have been an anchor in a storm tossed landscape that is information marketing.

My Visit to Clickbank Offices

If you’ve been exploring how to make money online for any time, you’ve likely heard of Clickbank. Clickbank is a service that makes it easy for product creators to publish their product for sale in the Clickbank Marketplace. On the flip side it is a site affiliate marketers use to find products to promote.

How I Found Out About Clickbank Being Next Door

A couple years ago I attended Blogworld in Las Vegas. Now I’ve always been a fan of offline marketing via events and seminars. There is nothing that replaces the value of face to face encounters. On my way home I like to organize my day’s connections on the plane (more on how I do so here). However, the gal next to me had a laptop with a “Clickbank” asset tag on it.

Turns out Molly works in the marketing department at Clickbank, and was returning home where she works from the office in Broomfield, CO. Sharp girl with great insights about the IM space, growth opportunities etc. Before I knew it, our plane was landing.

Reconnecting With Clickbank

As a result of a new venture with Infusionsoft, I got reconnected with Clickbank. This time with Neil Hartley the then VP of business development.

Travis Campbell, Jeff Mask of Infusionsoft with Clickbank's Neil Hartley -March 2012.

This was prior to announcing Infusionsoft’s all-in-one sales and marketing software integration with Clickbank.

Stability of Clickbank in the Internet Marketing Landscape

This site has generated thousands of dollars for products whose owners never paid. It’s a sad reality, but this is also true of many brick and mortar businesses whose losses are in inventory, employee theft, etc. Clickbank pays every two weeks, on time, and accurately. This is the number one reason why I think they’ve been such a strong force in the online marketing world. They pay affiliates, product creators, and take care of consumers.

Compelling Social Proof taken from Clickbank Website

I know why. While at the office, they have wide screen monitors on nearly every wall with live metering of key metrics in their affiliate network. They know what products are selling, what affiliates are succeeding, and have several indicators to watch for fraudulent activity.

Any hesitation I may have had regarding Clickbank was put away with that visit. I’m impressed.

Do you use Clickbank in your business? Chime in below.

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