Successful Affiliates Out of Business Overnight

We aren’t doom an gloom here. After all the Internet is a world of opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and online marketers. Sometimes things happen outside of the marketing online world impacting the marketing online world. Such is the subject of today’s post. If you are an affiliate marketer in the United States, or considering becoming one, this is for you.

Successful Affiliates Out of Business Overnight

There is a trend that is gaining momentum that has the power to shut an affiliate marketer down overnight.

In this interview Shawn Collins, of Affiliate Summit, discusses the latest news on revenue hungry states, who are passing legislation that requires affiliates to either relocate, or shut down their businesses altogether.

Learn what the affected states are, and what Shawn says you can do to prevent it form happening in your state.

Expert Interview with Shawn Collins

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Summary of Items Discussed in the Video

Shawn Collins runs affiliate summit with Missy Ward, which they started up back in 2003. State governments are passing legislation to identify affiliates as a sales entities, and thereby classify that as a tax nexus, and thereby obligating them collect sales tax for any transactions that take place in that state.

IL, AR, NC, RI, have passed such laws. And it has resulted in no increase in revenue for states, essentially has resulted in unemployed affiliates as internet based companies like pull their affiliate program from those states.

Tim Storm of moved Company of 55 Employees from Illinois to Wisconsin. Governor Walker said they would not pass a similar law there.

Companies have to leave the states where legislation has passed in order to stay in business.

More than just Amazon kicking out affiliates, hundreds of companies who have affiliates don’t want to pay sales tax, so they shut down affiliates in the affected states.

Now is the opportunity for affiliate marketers to get engaged in the community and organize in order to communicate with states why such tax legislation is bad for everyone.

Contact your congressman, contact local newspapers and publications.

States are calling this an “e-faireness” bill, without considering the adverse effects on businesses.

Neither Shawn or Travis are tax experts or legal professionals.

If your state is considering passing similar legislation, you might need to figure out how to run your business in the state you are in, move it to another state, or sell off the sites.

Walmart welcomes affiliates in Illinois, yet Shawn indicates they only have roughly 50 affiliates, Travis observed their affiliate program is currently hosted by LinkShare.

Leverage resources by organizing with other affiliates in your state.

Resources from the Video

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