Syndication, 5 Tools to Automate Your Efforts and Keep ‘Followers’ Updated

Writers and publishers have always understood the power of syndication. However, for some reason as the Web made this principle simpler content producers ignored the opportunity. Social marketing and networking success require well-executed social syndication.

The good news is that increasingly great tools emerge, which effective automate the power of social syndication. Some favorites include FriendFeed,, Stumbleupon, TubeMogul, and a myriad of plug-ins for blogs and social networks.

If you are looking to aggregate and syndicate your digital content life–FriendFeed is your answer. Friendfeed is an elegant way to link together all of your social media sites and activities. Each time you publish to any of the hundreds of social sites that you belong to that content is immediately fed to your entire current and prospective network. Continue reading “Syndication, 5 Tools to Automate Your Efforts and Keep ‘Followers’ Updated”

Social Marketing Ad Networks, Worth Your Dime?

Social networks are growing up and advertisers are ready to tap these lucrative audiences. Yet, it is not quite as simple as it sounds. Social media and social syndication opportunities are different and more complex, challenging traditional ad networks. This makes some advertisers nervous about the effective return on their marketing dollars, which spells opportunity for savvy advertisers.

Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace are inherently communities of defined interest and trust. This makes them lucrative, targeted, and self-selected segments that make advertisers mouth watering to tap these wallets. The trick is learning to stimulate buying action out of these notoriously skeptical audiences. Continue reading “Social Marketing Ad Networks, Worth Your Dime?”

Getting Started Online: Where do you fit in?

Understanding where you fit in is probably one of the most critical elements to online success.  It is also one of the most difficult to answer for many.  If you are one of those who has a clear cut idea of what you want to accomplish, and how you are going to get there.  You are not a part of the majority, but read on anyway.

If you are like most, you are enamored with the possibilities when it comes to making money online, personal freedom, working from home, and being what some have classified the “lifestyle entrepreneur.”

However, if you truly want it as a lifestyle and not a hobby, in other words, career change, you need to get serious about your intentions.  You need to determine to the best of your ability where you fit in.  I call them your passion-skills…do the following. Continue reading “Getting Started Online: Where do you fit in?”

Profitable Email Marketing: 3 ‘Must Have’ Strategic Considerations

Email marketing, seems pretty simple, at first.  Afterall, who can’t click ‘send’ on an email, right?  However, profitable email marketing is quite another story.  There can be a lot to consider both before, and after the send.

1.) Make it part of your strategy
When it comes to being an online marketer, as difficult as it may be to get emails delivered at times, you still need to be building a list.  The foundation of success (as a mentor friend of mine likes to say) is “traffic and conversion”.  Rarely is the case that a marriage proposal is extended in an introduction, nor is that the case when selling online.  You have to ask for the first date.  The first date is the opt-in.

You probably see one on this page somewhere.  A chance to become a subscriber, and get access to information that non-subscribers don’t get.  The courting happens after they have become a subscriber…relationship building.  Oftentimes much of this can be automated.

In order for email marketing to be successful, it has to be integrated as part of your strategy. Continue reading “Profitable Email Marketing: 3 ‘Must Have’ Strategic Considerations”

Social Syndication, 5 Secrets to Broadcasting Value and Expertise with Twitter

Twitter is becoming the center of the social networking universe. There are literally hundreds of social sites, services to host content or media, and networked communities; however, Twitter is the definitive communications network. Learn to use it to create a powerful social syndication system.

Define Social Marketing Objective
Before you start any social marketing strategy define the results you want and the market you want to target.

Are you marketing for traffic, back links, awareness, credibility, or direct sales? Each objective or combinations can alter your social syndication plan. If you are looking for traffic and backlinks, you may syndicate blog posts or articles. Whereas, building credibility and direct sales may direct you to syndicate squeeze page links and ebooks. Continue reading “Social Syndication, 5 Secrets to Broadcasting Value and Expertise with Twitter”