Budget Conscience Guide to Getting Traffic

free-paid-website-traffic-ideasLast Updated Feb 26, 2014. This page is designed to help those who are looking for ways to get traffic to a website. Some of these methods work better than others, some are simply hit or miss. Several of the strategies together can make a real difference in getting quality traffic to a website.

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Budget Conscience Guide to Getting Traffic

Free Traffic Options:

Need to have a bit of a bootstrap mindset here, while sometimes hit and miss, performance of this route can exceed those of the paid options.

  1. Ask friends. If you have friends who have visibility to your target network. Ask them to share the link to your content via email, social media or both.
  2. Twitter hashtags. Utilize a popular hashtag that your forthcoming product or service is related to, then ask others in your market with visibility to your market to retweet your post.
  3. What’s Trending on Twitter. While logged into Twitter see what’s trending and see if there is a tie into the content you want to share, tweet with the respective hashtag.
  4. LinkedIn Groups. If you are active in groups that your target market hangs out in, consider posting it there. Better yet, many times group moderators are looking for content for the group, reach out to them and see if they would message the group, and or publish the contest info into the group so that it stays on the top of. You can also reach out to those who are most active in these groups and see if they will post on your behalf.
  5. CommentLuv powered blogs. Commenting on other blogs relevant to your niche is important. It should engage those reading your comment, soliciting curiosity and a response. There can also be an SEO benefit. CommentLuv powered blogs allow you to comment and get a link back to your site. I’m currently using it at TravisCampbell.com, but there are hundreds using this commenting engine on their blogs. You can even search their entire database of blogs using their software here (requires email to query, but worth it!). Remember, comment on those in or related to your niche!

Paid Traffic Options:

Done correctly, paid traffic can be a great way to get data quickly as to your offer and how the market is responding to your web page. To be clear, some of these are more ‘Budget Conscience’ than others, what is more interesting is the return on investment of conversion driven (vs brand driven – much harder to measure) ads.

Be it on social media or other means, position your content with curiosity, intrigue, and a way to ‘help someone out’ you may be surprised how people will respond and engage.

  1. Post it on Twitter, and pay for it to be a promoted tweet. Learn more about pricing here.
  2. Of late it’s become a not so compelling ROI, but consider a promoted post on Facebook, can be a great way to get targeted exposure. Learn more about using promoted posts from Jon Loomer. Want another resource, consider Amy’s paid course on this subject.
  3. LinkedIn ads. Great way to get visibility to the business community. I would recommend a promoted post or sponsored update (not the standard ad network). Find our more here.
  4. Big PPC networks. This is a longer-term solution as there is a bit of a learning curve, but you might also consider the following in this order:
    1. Google AdWords
    2. Bing & Yahoo Ad Networks
  5. Mobile Ads with AdMob by Google. If your content is mobile ready, and you have mobile ready lead capture forms, advertising on mobile may be a good strategy for you if your audience is there. Consider this smartphones adoption may have peaked (everyone has one), and fewer are the markets whose buyers aren’t embracing smartphones.
  6. EzineAdvertising. Hard to believe this method is still around, but as long as email exists this will continue to be viable. Charlie Page is a sage in the business. Learn more about Charlie, his ezine directory, and his services here.

Stay tuned, this page to be updated again soon.