My Visit to Clickbank Offices

From time to time I get to meet people in the Internet marketing industry who are doing great things to serve the community. It wasn’t until moving to Colorado did I learn that one of the marquee companies in the Internet marketing space had a large office just 15 minutes from where I live. So this post will share a bit of what I learned on my visit to Clickbank, and why I think they have been an anchor in a storm tossed landscape that is information marketing.

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Amazon Associates Shuts Down Account Keeps Money

Many who are new or exploring Internet Marketing as a business often get started with as an associate. It makes sense, for publishers who want to get setup quickly, as they have the best set of APIs, tools, and widgets to get started. It is a great way to start monetizing a website that already has traffic. My associates account was opened years ago by me, but was closed a few days ago by Amazon. Here’s what I’ve learned, and you should too. Continue reading “Amazon Associates Shuts Down Account Keeps Money”

Successful Affiliates Out of Business Overnight

We aren’t doom an gloom here. After all the Internet is a world of opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and online marketers. Sometimes things happen outside of the marketing online world impacting the marketing online world. Such is the subject of today’s post. If you are an affiliate marketer in the United States, or considering becoming one, this is for you.
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How to Kickoff and Maintain a Successful Affiliate Program

A good affiliate program makes both parties happy to be together, like the two guys in this picture. That should be your goal. There was a question posted on LinkedIn*, and I thought I’d offer a more detailed answer here. It is both timely and important for those wanting to do online commerce effectively.  I’m sharing my experience primarily from being an affiliate (rather than the product creator, “merchant”, or affiliate manager), so it may take a different tone than you might be expecting. In this post I’ll share not only what is important for kicking a program off, but also what you need to do to keep it going, so you and your affiliates can be happy far into the future.

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Know Your Numbers

Continuing our series on reviving your online business, today I’m going to talk about something that may turn off quite a few of you, what it lacks in flash, it makes up in importance. You see, some things in marketing are a science, others are an art. One of the benefits of online marketing is that nearly everything can be measured. In this post you learn the reason why you need to know your numbers, and a simple example from an affiliate promotion to understand what it will take to hit your revenue goals. Continue reading “Know Your Numbers”

What The New FTC Guidelines Mean to Online Marketers

FTC-issues-updated-guidelines-for-bloggersYesterday the FTC issued final guidelines Governing Endorsements and Testimonials.  This impacts testimonial advertisements, bloggers, and celebrities who are compensated to parade products.  This post will deal primarily with the impact it has on bloggers, and why the 81 page document may very well fall short of its objectives.
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3 Questions Every Newbie Affiliate Marketer Must Ask

affiliate-marketing-for-newbiesAffiliate marketing is one of the best places to start for newbie’s who want to learn Internet marketing.  Why?  Because it helps hone key skills necessary for any online business.  Getting Traffic. Affiliate marketers don’t have to deal with creating a product, updating the product, supporting the product, etc.  they only have to promote the product, and in all the promotion a web visitor buys, the affiliate get’s paid.  Well, maybe.  In this post you’ll read about the 3 questions newbie’s often don’t ask when it comes to getting started with their affiliate marketing.  This post is no means complete, in fact, it is a starting point, and I’m hopeful to hear what you think as well. Continue reading “3 Questions Every Newbie Affiliate Marketer Must Ask”

StatsJunky Celebrates with Compelling 3 Day Promotion

statsjunky-specialWhat do you do when a best of breed stats tracking tool for affiliate marketers comes on the market?  You get excited about it.  What do you do when they come out with a compelling promotion?  You see if there is any reasons not to add such a tool to your arsenal.
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Affiliate Marketing- 5 Sources to Find Products

affiliate-marketing-tipsWith the dynamics of the current global economy, many are researching to see if there are legitimate ways to make money online.  One of the business models that attracts a lot of interest is affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing, while not devoid of challenge, says promote other peoples products online and sit back while the cash rolls in.  Website visitors will hopefully click through your special product link (aka affiliate link), giving you credit (and commission) for the sale.  There are probably millions of products available to promote online.  This post will highlight 5 sources you can use to find products to promote. Continue reading “Affiliate Marketing- 5 Sources to Find Products”