Clicktale Now Records Mobile Users Experience with Websites (Video)

The challenge for many website owners is understanding how visitors are interacting with your site. How are they liking a new graphic, video, or trust seal? Google analytics is a commonly used service that provides a wealth of information, but it falls short for many website owners (think eCommerce) when it comes to offering a “watch over their shoulder” perspective. Clicktale had that figured out years ago, and now does it for mobile browsers as well. Let me explain. Continue reading “Clicktale Now Records Mobile Users Experience with Websites (Video)”

Lessons From a Recent Online Purchase

I’ve recently learned a lot from a somewhat underground marketer. This guy may be one of the top SEO guys on the planet, smart as anyone I know. Watching him for some time, and reading his material, I decided to go to the next level, and purchase a product. As is the case with many SEO focused people, he is very technical, he also happens to be a skilled marketer. After purchasing his recently upgraded software, I downloaded and installed it.  This is where issues arose… The software I just installed was actually the previous version, not the new and improved one I was sold. Hmm… It doesn’t end there. Continue reading “Lessons From a Recent Online Purchase”

E Commerce – The Real Impact of Coupon Codes On Conversion

If you manage an e commerce store you have to be concerned with conversion rates.  Are you maximizing every visitor to your store by encouraging, even compelling them to purchase your products or services?  This is a never ending process of measuring and tweaking.  One strategy that gets a lot of discussion is the use of coupon or promotion codes on e commerce stores.  Used properly it can have a positive impact on sales, but be careful it can also send visitors away from your site  as well.  Let’s discuss this a bit further. Continue reading “E Commerce – The Real Impact of Coupon Codes On Conversion”

Review of Infusionsoft’s New Features

review-of-infusionsoft-updatesYesterday there was a webinar which presented an overview of new features of Infusionsoft which are set to start rolling out next week.  If you aren’t familiar with Infusionsoft, you might benefit from reading the 21 Ways I Use Infusionsoft to Automate My Business.  Essentially they provide a hosted software (SaaS) engine enabling small businesses to have automated follow-up marketing.  This latest update will speed up the use of the application (less clicks is better), and import enhancements will make it easier for new customers to get up and running. Continue reading “Review of Infusionsoft’s New Features”

Top 5 eCommerce Lessons Learned

ecommerce-shopping-cartThis year marks the 3rd year that I’ve had an eCommerce store.  It has been a fun experience, and with each year I’m encouraged by customer’s feedback, yet having a store is not without it’s share of lessons.  In this post I share 5 of my top lessons, and invite you to chime in with yours (or ask your own questions). Continue reading “Top 5 eCommerce Lessons Learned”