OMAHA is Calling – Frontier Airlines is Answering

Peyton Manning MarketingIn the “examples file” this one just hit my inbox. It’s one thing to hear clever ideas, it’s another when they are executed. Kudos to Frontier Airlines.

Trend Marketing: Email marketing represents an ideal platform to leverage what I call “Trend Marketing”. This is where you take a current event and ride its wave to get your marketing message out. Ideally you tie the story to your story in a tasteful way to compel action. Continue reading “OMAHA is Calling – Frontier Airlines is Answering”

Infusionsoft Rewrites Marketing Automation for Small Business

Many online marketers start small. Perhaps you are one of them. Little investments like web hosting, an auto-responder service, and some marketing education courses. Others are more established businesses who are looking to make investments that result in significant productivity and revenue gains for the company.

Insert challenge: Once you have a strategy down, now the quest becomes figuring out how to make the technology cooperate with what it is you want to do.

In this post I’ll share an effective strategic model Infusionsoft has used to help small businesses, and also show (video) how their latest update is making it easier than ever to implement this model.

Let’s talk strategy for a moment.

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This Caught My Attention Today

So many things change so quickly when it comes to online marketing, it’s important to keep up. Of late Google seems to be on the forefront of change, and have caught my attention today.

More Moxy for Mobile, Android

For those Mobile Marketing enthusiasts among us there is an update to their popular Google Maps program for Android. It is a tip of the hat to their mobile strategy, they are committed, another reason small businesses should be too. Based on the post of Google Maps 5.8 users can:

  • Easily upload photos for a Place
  • Simpler way to manage “My Places” for places you’ve starred, recently viewed
  • Descriptive terms for a given Place in search results
  • Easily add a new Place when checking in

The highlight? The ability to see photos other users have uploaded for a Place. Useful if you aren’t sure just where you wanna go, and like to know what a place looks like. Ties in nicely for those using the Huddle feature of Google plus. What recent changes don’t tie into Google plus lately?  

Here is a screenshot of a couple panels of the photos feature:

Service to Encourage others Not Using Gmail

Here is an innovative strategy for moving users to Gmail. Gmail appears to be the key to Google combining search and social effectively. Gmail presents users with the Google bar, and notifications of Google Plus updates (which opens to the masses soon, get an invite here). Growing the Gmail user base is key.

Now there is a tool to help existing Gmail users motivate others to make the switch. See the post here. Below is the humorous video describing the service, or watch it here.

What’s catching your attention today?

3 Reasons You Were Unsubscribed

Managing an email subscriber list can be tricky. If you don’t segment your list, it’s not nearly as effective. Same thing if you don’t prune it periodically. If you landed on this post from an email from me, you’ll notice I’m cleaning things up a bit. I’ll tell you more in a moment. If you found this via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, or doing a good old fashioned search, well hopefully you’ll get value from this, and get some ideas for your own email marketing. Now on to those reasons I was talking about.

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The Problem With Autoresponders (Video)

So we’ve passed the halfway point in the month, and hopefully you’ve got some value thus far in this online business revival series. We’ve covered reviving various aspects of your online business from quitting to blogging, traffic and more. Today I’d like to talk about one of the problems many likely have with autoresponders without knowing it. Before getting to that, let’s talk about what makes autoresponders great. Continue reading “The Problem With Autoresponders (Video)”

Revive Your Business with More Newsletter Subscribers

Your newsletter subscriber list can be one of the top assets of any online business. The ability to send an email to a responsive is another key to reviving your business. Newsletters used properly grows in value over time as you get more and more visitors join as subscribers. The question often is how to get more subscribers. This post will share several ideas to get more people on your newsletter, if you don’t have a newsletter, may this serve as a motivator to get one rolling soon! Continue reading “Revive Your Business with More Newsletter Subscribers”

Preparing for the New Facebook Social Inbox

Facebook’s announcement of the forthcoming Social Inbox, (summarized below) will soon be impacting email marketing directly. The average Facebook user will likely appreciate the new “messages” social inbox once enabled in their account, for marketers it is important to look at the impact it will have on email marketing efforts, consider how they might prepare, do a little housekeeping as the new social inbox rolls out to over 500 million Facebook users over the next several months. In this post you’ll learn how to request an invite for the new social inbox as well as some email marketing engagement ideas.
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What the Gmail Priority Inbox Means for Marketers

The phrase “Above the fold” is a Internet term referring to the space in the top portion of a webpage or email, that a visitor sees without invoking the mouse to scroll or go below the fold.  It is the most valuable portion of digital real-estate, a place where headlines, sub-headlines, and teaser copy resides, and it is often wasted with oversized banners, fancy graphics, and lost opportunity to convey value to visitors.  Today, however, there is now a new “fold” to consider, as a result of Gmail’s new Priority Inbox. Continue reading “What the Gmail Priority Inbox Means for Marketers”

4 Reasons Marketers Need to Publish Newsletters

As a panelist at a recent event I attended this year, I was asked why visitors are prompted for their email when visiting the site.  After inquiring further, it was evident that for this individual, asking for an email address was taboo and almost offensive.  He is not alone, many share this viewpoint, and suffer for it. In this post I’ll share a few ideas why a publishing a newsletter is essential for your online marketing efforts. Continue reading “4 Reasons Marketers Need to Publish Newsletters”