5 Productivity Tips for Online Marketers

I’m a fan of getting stuff done. The only way I know to get meaningful stuff done is to get serious, even aggressive about my time. My productivity techniques seem to get reviewed, refined, and tuned on a regular basis. Never are the embraced time and productivity management tactics I use, followed to a tee. This is where the “constant improvement” mentality kicks in.

It’s not about getting it perfect, but getting it going. It’s not about checking everything off, but keeping it flowing. [Tweet Me]

I encourage you to consider the same mindset, and dial in your own productivity techniques. In this post I’ll share the challenges of being productive as I see them, 5 tips, and some other ways to improve productivity.
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Influence without the Hype

Influence is a tricky thing. If in striving to be influential you succeed, at what cost. If failure is your outcome what can you learn? In either case it’s worth asking “was it worth it?”. No problem with influence here, but influence is best when it is a result of other business and marketing activities. The reality is, many strive for influence to get the sale, what can often be overlooked is that the most profitable influence happens after the sale, when customers have experienced results of your product or service. 

Influence without the Hype

It’s true, there are many over-promised and over-hyped Internet marketing products, viable prospects are looking for a reason to dismiss offers in many markets. Yet those new to Internet marketing can be subject to influence gone wrong.

For those striving for influence, it may be that they don’t have it at all. If successful, is it influence, or something else? Important as influence may be in business and life, in my experience it begins to break down when authenticity is compromised.

In marketing, a good principle to consider is giving them (visitors and prospects) what they want on the front end, and what they need, on the back end. Show them you understand the pain in their world, and that you have a working solution, and you have influence.

Recently I attended a seminar where some ideas shared about influence, specifically when working with clients:

Influence Tips

1.) Establish Trust– People are influenced only by someone they trust.
2.) Educate– The more your clients know, the better.
3.) Explain Why– “It worked on my last three projects.” (demonstrating experience), or “It would cost less.” (demonstrating partnership). etc.
4.) Do it in private – If there is something you need to share that is likely to be mis-understood in a group setting, do it in private, it’s less confronting.
5.) Show them, then sell them – This is the “free sample” strategy. Could be a case study of what other clients have experienced.
6.) Balance the give and take – Recognize that sometimes you have to give a little to get something in return.
7.) Sooner is better than later – Clarity is important, but no matter what you do there can be unknown expectations. These get firmed up the longer they are left alone. Deliver services as soon as possible, so any unknown expectations come to the surface and adjustments can be made early in the process.

These tips seem to fall in line with common sense in most areas of life, especially business. Sometimes in our quests, however, they can get lost…so they can get lost.

Caution: A problem arises when we focus on being influential. The 7 items above can serve as influence indicators if you like. They are a partial list of attributes of those who influence.

How do you react to this? What are attributes of those who have been influential in your professional experiences? Love to hear from you in the comment boxes below.

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Say It With Me ‘I am a marketer’

It's true, we are all marketing something.Let’s agree on something right now. Internet Marketing is not simple. Principles exist, as with any business, but as a whole it’s not simple. 

What makes it ‘not’ simple? The first half of that phrase, Internet. Agreed? 


Marketing is simple. Couple it with Internet, and things get complex in a hurry.

You may not have world-class mad skills at copywriting, email marketing, blogging, video, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, or any other point technical Internet marketing skill, marketing  alone still equals (=) simple.

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Super-Charge Your Marketing Career

Getting a Jumpstart on your Marketing CareerThere are many ways to accelerate and supercharge a marketing career. It involves hard work, salesmanship, and even a little luck. It’s important to understand your goals in light of the phase of your career and why change might be just what you need. If marketing is indeed your game there are three possible avenues to consider. As always, your comments an input are welcome.

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Marketing Tim Tebow Style!

Have you heard of Tim Tebow? If you are in the US, and pay attention to sports, you may have. I like sports and share some things about it from time to time (like here and here). I think there are a lot of lessons sports can provide us in marketing, business, and life.

Tim Tebow is a second year player in the NFL. In his first year in the league, before taking any snaps or having his first professional debut his jersey was the best-selling jersey in the league and currently surging.

He is a winner.

He was the first sophomore college player to win the Heisman Trophy (essentially the MVP of college football). His team won two national championships under his 4 years of leadership.

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Internet Marketing Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

As a consumer, do you like Black Friday or hate it? As a marketer? Salesman? Owner? Discussions go in every possible direction on this topic. Some business owners feel it is a great way to boost sales, still others think it sends the wrong message to the market. There rarely seems to be any consensus on it.

What’s true is in the B2C world? Black Friday is a big deal.

Whenever possible, we like to share the best of breed tools for new or seasoned marketers that are available for free or at a reasonable price. As in previous years, we try to provide a collection of products that are offering black Friday deals. This post contains items for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2011 that are ideal for seasoned or aspiring Internet marketers.

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What I’m Reading Today

Most day’s I peruse a series of sites via Pulse on the iPad or my Android phone, or via my (cluttered) Google Reader account. This morning there were a few things that caught my eye, and I’ve decided to highlight them here. Some of these are information oriented, and others have personal productivity elements (mobile app, and LinkedIn) to them. Interested in your thoughts.

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A Crisis of Leadership

Last week there was a big shake up in Boston.

The sports landscape was altered as the General Manager Theo Epstein, who helped lead the Red Sox to win their first world series title in 90+ years only to repeat 3 years later years, left for the Chicago Cubs organization.

This as the echos of dismay from a historic collapse in the last month of the season still resound far and wide from the Red Sox faithful.

It got me thinking about leadership. Continue reading “A Crisis of Leadership”

Netflix Cancels Qwikster DVD Service, Reactions, Lessons

Mistakes are inevitable. 

In marketing, and in life.

Not long ago Netflix made some changes to their pricing structure, followed by spinning off a new DVD only service in an effort to focus on their growth segment, movie streaming. 

We shared some lessons and observations on the announcement and its reaction.

It seems they are acknowledging the error of their ways and attempting to correct course. Today they announced that their forthcoming DVD service Qwikster is not to be. Apparently they are getting some flak for it. Here’s why I’m encouraged by this news, and some marketing takeaways. Continue reading “Netflix Cancels Qwikster DVD Service, Reactions, Lessons”

Honoring Steve Jobs 1955-2011

If people claimed yesterday’s announcement from Apple was a dud, they will surely be saddened to learn of today’s.

His innovative mind and mark on the technology landscape is significant and lasting.

Here is the report from cnn.com, complete with a rundown of his accomplishments.

Apple has created their own tribute by updating their home page (screenshot below).

Twitter has a few things to say as well (also below).

I remember working on an Apple IIe in junior high, and I knew this thing was amazing. Thanks Steve, I hope you are enjoying the peace and beauty beyond your wildest imaginations.

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