Birthday Fun Top 3 Posts

Today is 6 months old.  Ok, maybe not a huge deal, however, like anything in business or life for that matter, it is important to stop, reflect, and celebrate accomplishments.  So, we pause (albeit very briefly) to acknowledge our tiny milestone, 6 months since the first post, and share our top 3 visited posts.  Continue reading “Birthday Fun Top 3 Posts”

2 Internet Marketing Acronyms You Must Know

acronymsThere is a lot to do to build a successful online business. After you understand what it is you can offer to the world to make life better for others while turning a profit, you have to select a domain name, get the site up, bring targeted visitors by, convert visitors to customers, and then take care of customers. Those are components of an online marketing strategy. With small business web marketing strategy, there are quite a few acronyms used. In this post I highlight two acronyms which are essential, but can be easily overlooked. Continue reading “2 Internet Marketing Acronyms You Must Know”

5 Marketing Predictions for 2009

Looking ForwardPredictions are a dicey proposition…you will be wrong about something because nobody can see the future.  It is even more difficult considering that 12 calendar months is like a lifetime in technology, not to mention the rapid changes any entrepreneur, online marketer, or small business owner might navigate through. Continue reading “5 Marketing Predictions for 2009”