8 Ideas for Using QR Codes in Your Marketing

Now that we know how to use Google to make QR Codes, and how to share content on social networks with QR Codes, it’s time to talk application. Like any technology these strange looking images are worthless unless they have some meaningful application to your business, or in this case a marketing application. How can we engage our market more meaningfully? Here are a few ideas, chime in if you have some yourself. Continue reading “8 Ideas for Using QR Codes in Your Marketing”

Sharing Content on Social Networks with QR Codes

In spite of all the enthusiasm early on about mobile marketing, it hasn’t caught on as quickly as many would have liked.

Last month we talked how to create a QR Code for a URL using Google. What if you want to share other stuff? Or give people the ability to share your content on social networks. There is another free service out there, that allows you to do that and a whole lot more. This needs to be coupled with a mobile marketing strategy to be sure, but here is way to share on social networks with QR codes. Continue reading “Sharing Content on Social Networks with QR Codes”

Mobile Marketers – LinkedIn Beta App Now Available on Android

Since switching to an Android earlier this year I’ve enjoyed testing the various apps out there, as well as utilizing the multi tasking the device supports.  I’ve been a bit frustrated however, when it comes to mobile apps, specifically LinkedIn. Many believe (and I agree) mobile marketing is the future, and in fact is now. Why then does the most popular social network for business minded people not have a mobile version of its software on the fastest growing mobile platform?  That was answered, in part, today with the beta release of LinkedIn for Android. Continue reading “Mobile Marketers – LinkedIn Beta App Now Available on Android”

Android Incredible After 30 Days – Part 1

After 30 days with the Android Incredible, a video was created to share impressions thus far.  This post includes also the video and a recap (if you prefer to read).  How I observed local Google Buzz activity on the device, what I like about the device, what can be improved with the Android Incredible, and why a hard reset of the device was necessary. Continue reading “Android Incredible After 30 Days – Part 1”

Is Google’s AdMob Acquisition Good for Marketers?

Yesterday the FTC unanimously approved Google’s acquisition of AdMob.  AdMob is a service that allows advertisers to place paid ads on mobile devices.  This is an important step for Google so they can be in a place to dominate this space.  What does this mean for the online marketer? Is it good, and how might it be used? Continue reading “Is Google’s AdMob Acquisition Good for Marketers?”

4 Lessons from a Mobile Marketing Mini-Case Study

Focus of this study surrounded the use of SMS text messaging as a list building tool.  I attended two events in recent weeks, and decided to integrate SMS messaging technology with my list management software.  The objective?  Get a feel for how the audience would respond to both the offer, and the medium for getting the offer.  These were thrown together pretty quickly as to just get some hands on experience with mobile marketing.  As the saying goes, the priority wasn’t to get it perfect, rather to get it going.  In doing so, I learned some lessons, 4 of which will be shared here.
Continue reading “4 Lessons from a Mobile Marketing Mini-Case Study”

7 Reasons to Use Mobile Marketing in Your Business

If you have been around Internet Marketing for any length of time, you may have noticed your inbox filling up with messages about mobile marking info, massive open rates, and offers of grandeur if you take this or that course.  While there may be value in those courses and a strong case made by their creators for purchasing them, this heightened activity prompted a review of mobile marketing as a viable option for marketers going forward.  I recently performed a mobile marketing experiment the results of which I will share with you very soon.  For now there are some reasons mobile marketing might finally take off in the next 12-24 months, let’s look at some market numbers first. Continue reading “7 Reasons to Use Mobile Marketing in Your Business”