MailChimp Review – 10 Useful Email Marketing Features

review-of-mailchimpThere are a vast number of email marketing services available to businesses of all sizes. Since email marketing has been around for a while, many of the services have matured to the point that even novice tech savvy business owners use them with ease.

Last month I launched a campaign using MailChimp for the first time. I’d used and even recommended the service in the past, but it had been a few years. Since so much had changed with the service, I decided to give it a go and document my findings for you along the way.  For me, there was an existing list that had to be migrated to their platform, this post touches on the features used to facilitate that process as well as features for beginners and advanced users alike, and even a couple items they could improve.

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Camtasia 8 Review – Video Creation and Editing Software

If you are new to video marketing, or even a long-time video marketing expert who wants to create quality, engaging videos fast, the latest version of Camtasia is worth a look. The newest version has largely been reengineered to create smoother screen recordings that can be edited into professional and engaging video content. In this brief review we’ll cover who Camtasia is for, what’s new in Camtasia 8, and my take on this latest version. Continue reading “Camtasia 8 Review – Video Creation and Editing Software”

Advanced Web Ranking Review

advanced-web-ranking-review-and-overviewSearch engines can be a great traffic source for your website. Do you have an idea where your site ranks when someone plugs in your keywords into a search engine? Whether you own one website, or many, if you have one client or many, tracking positions in the search engines is key. Doing it manually works, but is boring and, as I found, does not scale. I’ll share what I was using before Advanced Web Ranking, what the tool is, how it is sold, services it integrates with, reporting customization and brand-ability, and the reports I found most useful. You’ll also learn how to be proactively alerted should your site be impacted by any number of search engine (Google) algorithm changes.  Continue reading “Advanced Web Ranking Review”

FB Influence Review (Facebook Influence)

Facebook represents a huge marketing opportunity. Approaching 800 million users some argue it has changed not only how we communicate and connect, but our vocabulary and very culture as well. Marketing on Facebook, done right, requires a lot of trial and error. Those who know me, understand I’d much rather learn from the trial and error of others than only my own :-) … Which is why I was looking forward to taking a look at FB Influence (aka Facebook Influence), and writing this review. In this post, I’ll cover what FB Influence is, who is behind it, who it’s for, what’s included, what I like, and what I don’t like. 

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Muvee Reveal Review – Create Edit Marketing Videos Fast and Easy

Muvee Reveal Review - Make Marketing Videos Fast and EasyLast month was my wife’s birthday.

The big 4-0.

With family in Brazil, and friends scattered across the world, I wanted to do something that was enjoyable for her and have a way for those who wanted to, to participate. After an email inviting contributions, I received photos, videos, and very nice words of appreciation for my wife from friends and family across the miles. What did I do with those notes and photos? More in a moment…

The party was around the corner. While creating a video was ideal, I didn’t have the time to invest! What to do?

I turned to a program that I used a few years ago, with all its features not only did it suit my “fast and easy” need for my wife’s party, but I realized this helpful for those who have a lot of photos and videos from seminars and events and want to use video more often in their marketing.  Continue reading “Muvee Reveal Review – Create Edit Marketing Videos Fast and Easy”

The Bloggers Guide to Online Marketing – A Review

Bloggers Guide to Online Marketing is it for you?22 isn’t normally a significant number, neither is 31…until now. More on that in a moment. ATTENTION BLOGGERS: If you believe that blogging is a way to make money online but find yourself frustrated, perhaps you need some encouragement. Perhaps you could be doing it better, or maybe you are doing it wrong altogether. Perhaps the real issue is, you don’ t have a solid marketing plan. Today’s post reviews a resource designed to help emerging or struggling bloggers develop or refine a marketing plan and move a site toward profitability. Good news, this guide comes from one of the trail blazers in the blogging industry, the folks at, Darren Rowse. I’ll share several of the steps outlined in this guide, what I like, what I don’t like, and if this is for you. Continue reading “The Bloggers Guide to Online Marketing – A Review”

Video Traffic Academy Review – Is This For You?

It has been a while since a decent video marketing course has been released. A course that helps online marketers leverage video for traffic and sales. It has been a void in the marketplace for some time.

I’m not referring to products that teach you how to make videos, or courses to help you maximize traffic with video, I’m talking about a course that offers both


In this post you’ll learn about a new video marketing training course, Video Traffic Academy, who is behind it, what it is, what I like, a video of my account, what I don’t like, how busy professionals could utilize this course, and whether or not this course is for you. Continue reading “Video Traffic Academy Review – Is This For You?”

Evergreen Business System Automated Webinar Software Review

Finding ways to integrate leverage in your online business is important if you want to remain competitive and profitable. This post discusses the effectiveness of webinars, and covers a new software system that allows users to automate webinar presentations for increased sales and revenue. You’ll learn the main features of the application, see a video of me configuring the software, and I’ll share my thoughts as to whether this software is for you.

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New Webinar Automation Tool for Marketers

NOTESince this post we have spent time with the software system, see our Evergreen Business System Review.

Marketing automation technology is what makes online marketing an interesting career track for some. One of the first “automation tools” was the auto-responder, giving marketers the ability to setup predefined email messages sent at specific intervals.

Today, people are inundated with email, and many marketing messages go ignored. To connect with audiences in a more meaningful way, many have turned to webinars.

The advantages of webinars are numerous. 

How can Webinars be “automated”? One of the ways to leverage marketing automation is to sell with pre-recorded webinars.

I have tried this several times with some of the best known products available , but always found the tools to be a roadblock. They didn’t function properly, were confusing, expensive or unreliable, and therefore never felt comfortable recommending anything to my clients or readers.

Today I learned of a tool that boasts the very features I’m looking for when it comes to Webinar Automation software. While I haven’t received a review copy yet, I know the guy behind it, and have found him to have a solid track record developing useful software for marketers.

When we get our hands on it, we will post a review here. In the meantime, they have an opt-in page posted offering videos (screenshot from one above) of the software and additional information on the benefits of an evergreen business system. Join me in taking a look at what they have here.

Image credit: BinaryApe

SE Cockpit Review – Cloud-Based Keyword Research Management

In the age of the social web, doing the legwork up front before launching any online initiative is more critical than ever. I’m talking market research. As much as that phrase causes some to bristle, it must be done. Done right, understanding what’s needed to win in a market helps you be realistic as to the commitment required. One component of market research is keyword research. If your site goals are clear, and you know what type of visitor you want to a site, you can dive into keyword research with guns blazing. In this post you’ll learn the problem with keyword research, one tool that is time consuming and painful to use, and how SE Cockpit is different than other tools reviewed here. Continue reading “SE Cockpit Review – Cloud-Based Keyword Research Management”