Social Media Marketing World – Top Takeaways

smmw-travis-campbell-speakerLast week at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, I had the privilege of serving as track moderator (aka MC). This involved speaker introduction, time management, and facilitating Q&A (lessons here).

While the priority was keeping an already very well organized track ‘on track’, I was unable to resist scribbling down notes during the sessions. These were world-class presentations and content. So the notes I share here are certainly incomplete. If you were at the event, feel free to comment with your top takeaways.

Before I continue, this brings up a very real issue for attendees of well run events like Social Media Marketing World. [highlight]”Which sessions do I attend, there are so many good ones to choose from?!”[/highlight] This is where investing in event session recordings can be very worthwhile (resource at end of post). Also, pay attention to the places where you can share tweetable quotes [Tweet it!] from presenters.

I came away with a better picture of how to leverage content marketing in the coming year, I hope you do too.

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Social Media Marketing World – 7 Ideas to Make the Most of It

social-media-marketing-world-2014Events are something that can serve your business and personal marketing well. In my experience the best way to make the most of an event is to prepare for it. You are investing money and (more importantly) time in your business by attending an event, preparation is key to making the most of it.

Next week’s Social Media Marketing World will be one of the premier events of the year. In this post I’ll share seven ideas to prepare for to make the most of this or any event. I will also share a link to my agenda and how we can connect in person at the event. 

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Facebook Fraud Goes Viral

facebook-fraudLast week there was a video from a scientific channel on YouTube that has created quite a buzz. It exposes a little known issue by most Facebook advertisers (until now) who aspire to get genuine followers on the behemoth social network, but in all their striving end up getting likes from pods of “Click farms” in developing countries.

This is a scientific channel, breaking down the realities for business owners and marketers attempting to leverage those eyeballs on Facebook to build their brand and get more customers, when it appears that Facebook has pulled the wool over many of their eyes. Continue reading “Facebook Fraud Goes Viral”

10 Years of Facebook – Stats Marketers Need to Know

10-years-facebook-avg-revenue-per-userThe impact of social media on marketing over the past 10 years has been significant. Facebook leads the conversation, with breakneck growth for much of their 10 year history, boasting well over 1 Billion users worldwide.

In record time, marketers now have the ability to carve out a very targeted audience, who returns to the site on a frequent basis, and present their brand to an audience who visits the site from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

If you are not leveraging Facebook as a marketing platform for your business, these numbers paint a compelling picture that is worth considering or reconsidering for almost any business.
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Google+ Gets an Elegant Upgrade

In a bold move Google ‘moves some cheese’ by overhauling the Google plus user interface. Reporting 170 million users who have “upgraded” to Google Plus, Google states these changes “accelerates our efforts to create a simpler, more beautiful Google.” Some early adopters may bristle at the changes, and it may be “just what the doctor ordered” for Google to get even more traction in the competitive marketplace of social networks. Continue reading “Google+ Gets an Elegant Upgrade”

Should You Be Concerned with Klout and Other Social Grading Services?

Like being voted Homecoming Queen, being at the top of the list of influence metric companies such as Klout, Empire Avenue, Peer Index and ProSkore may be turning into a hollow victory as the shortcomings and pitfalls of these services become more pronounced.

The major issue seems to be the ease with which some of these metrics can be rigged through a well-organized canned third party campaign. Because the measurable data is very much anecdotal – and also requires a lot of context to determine whether a reference to your company is glowing or scathing, reliance on such measurements becomes very much a ‘use at your own risk’ exercise.

How these companies work is by aggregating the numbers of times and also what is being said about a brand or company within major players such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ . Continue reading “Should You Be Concerned with Klout and Other Social Grading Services?”

Marketing with Pinterest – 7 Unique Business Models

Pinterest seems to be the new cute girl at the dance that no one knows about – but everyone wants to get to know.

So how has this photo sharing site that is incorporating affiliate linking as its revenue model, capturing such interest and traffic share?

With a 400% increase in visitor count from September through December of 2011 – this little upstart site has marketers salivating at how to make new and interesting iterations turn into a Pinterest money tree.

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Google Plus Business Pages Seek Parity with Facebook

Google continues to ramp things with their social initiative for business Google +. Along with some of the new features released yesterday, the most useful by far is the ability to designate managers for business pages on Google Plus. This is an effort to bring functionality that already exists with Facebook Pages. They are also toying with a new “on air” Hangout live streaming feature, but that’s a post for another day.  For now, I’ll cover these new features briefly, why I like them, and how to use them. Continue reading “Google Plus Business Pages Seek Parity with Facebook”

Google Plus is Preparing for Business are You?

Last week Google finally unveiled business pages for Google Plus users. The reaction of the announcement was somewhat muted. It was released with limited controls, and currently no parity with Facebook pages from a controls and reporting perspective. There are several decent articles on the issues like the ones found here and here

Deficient as the current business page might be, today there are other reasons why businesses should create pages on Google Plus.

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Create Our Google Plus Business Page with Me (Video)

marketing-with-google-plus-pagesFinally. Google plus pages for businesses and brands are here. What to do with the page apparently seems to be a hotly debated question at the moment, and is a question for another day.  For now I want to show you how I created one, and the number one area to focus on when it comes to your business page on Google plus. I turned on the camera to capture creating the Google Plus page for 

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