Hacked! 5 Ways to Protect Your Social Networking Profiles

While many enjoy reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, and even doing business online.  With Facebook and a multitude of other social networking services, it is easy to forget that there are those who aren’t your ‘friends’ who will try to take advantage of you and your social currency for their own gain.  These 5 tips are nothing new to IT professionals, but are worth discussing in the new era of social networking, and personal digital security. Continue reading “Hacked! 5 Ways to Protect Your Social Networking Profiles”

Online Marketing Strategy with MySpace

MySpace is the birthplace of the viral indie band. Keep that in mind when you design your social marketing strategy for this hip and fast moving marketplace. Unlike some of the other social networks promotion and outrageous presentation are encouraged, not scoffed.

Although serious business marketing is taking place on MySpace you have to conform to the space. It is irreverent, fast, obnoxious, and even a bit confusing. However, playing on the edge, taking risks, and making mistakes are all expected–not feared. Continue reading “Online Marketing Strategy with MySpace”

6 Steps to Small Business Social Marketing with LinkedIn

linkedin marketingLinkedIn is unquestionably prime real estate in the social networking marketplace. This network is packed with affluent decision makers on the hunt for solutions. This makes it a huge small business marketing opportunity for savvy business owners that know social marketing.

LinkedIn is not only fertile ground for internet marketing, but can also be the platform that manages these campaigns.

Special Video Interview with Lewis Howes**IMPORTANT UPDATE: See our recent interview with LinkedIn Expert Lewis Howes as he shares his take on the future of LinkedIn, as well as what he teaches in his all-new LinkedIn Training Course. Continue reading “6 Steps to Small Business Social Marketing with LinkedIn”

Small Business Marketing, Managing Social Marketing Campaigns with Plaxo

Looking for a great social marketing campaign manager? Look no further than Plaxo. With this ever expanding social networking platform you have all the tools to run your small business marketing plan. Even more importantly it is already stocked with millions of professional contacts ready to connect to your internet marketing.

Plaxo started as a simple way to store and organize your contacts online. However, it has evolved into a platform filled with opportunities and decision makers. Implementing the following framework turns this contact manager into a social marketing manager.

Contact Management
The core element to any internet marketing plan or solution is the underlying contact database. Plaxo makes this easy. Import your existing contacts from virtually any contact manager or address book you use today (i.e., Outlook, Apple Address Book, GMail, Yahoo, etc.). Even sync between a variety of contact and social services. Continue reading “Small Business Marketing, Managing Social Marketing Campaigns with Plaxo”

Feedburner, Top 5 Features Online Marketers Must Consider

Nothing is more important to your online success than RSS. This simple concept and technology that enables the syndication and re-purposing of content is your amplifier on the Web. Don’t allow the simplicity of RSS lead you to underestimate its fundamental importance.

This importance should drive you to find a professional management solution for your social syndication. Feedburner is the obvious choice for this addition to your social media strategy.

Why is RSS Important?
Quite simply RSS is the default standard for syndicating content on the Web. It makes it very simple to package up your social sites and social media, to include copy, audio, and video for use anywhere from websites to plug-in applications.

If your business or affiliate program is looking for exposure and traffic RSS is the key to results. Assuming you take the first step and promote your RSS feed–offering social syndication.

Feedburner Syndicates and Promotes
The magic of Feedburner is the comprehensiveness of its promotion and syndication. Continue reading “Feedburner, Top 5 Features Online Marketers Must Consider”

Syndication, 5 Tools to Automate Your Efforts and Keep ‘Followers’ Updated

Writers and publishers have always understood the power of syndication. However, for some reason as the Web made this principle simpler content producers ignored the opportunity. Social marketing and networking success require well-executed social syndication.

The good news is that increasingly great tools emerge, which effective automate the power of social syndication. Some favorites include FriendFeed, Ping.fm, Stumbleupon, TubeMogul, and a myriad of plug-ins for blogs and social networks.

If you are looking to aggregate and syndicate your digital content life–FriendFeed is your answer. Friendfeed is an elegant way to link together all of your social media sites and activities. Each time you publish to any of the hundreds of social sites that you belong to that content is immediately fed to your entire current and prospective network. Continue reading “Syndication, 5 Tools to Automate Your Efforts and Keep ‘Followers’ Updated”

Social Marketing Ad Networks, Worth Your Dime?

Social networks are growing up and advertisers are ready to tap these lucrative audiences. Yet, it is not quite as simple as it sounds. Social media and social syndication opportunities are different and more complex, challenging traditional ad networks. This makes some advertisers nervous about the effective return on their marketing dollars, which spells opportunity for savvy advertisers.

Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace are inherently communities of defined interest and trust. This makes them lucrative, targeted, and self-selected segments that make advertisers mouth watering to tap these wallets. The trick is learning to stimulate buying action out of these notoriously skeptical audiences. Continue reading “Social Marketing Ad Networks, Worth Your Dime?”

Social Syndication, 5 Secrets to Broadcasting Value and Expertise with Twitter

Twitter is becoming the center of the social networking universe. There are literally hundreds of social sites, services to host content or media, and networked communities; however, Twitter is the definitive communications network. Learn to use it to create a powerful social syndication system.

Define Social Marketing Objective
Before you start any social marketing strategy define the results you want and the market you want to target.

Are you marketing for traffic, back links, awareness, credibility, or direct sales? Each objective or combinations can alter your social syndication plan. If you are looking for traffic and backlinks, you may syndicate blog posts or articles. Whereas, building credibility and direct sales may direct you to syndicate squeeze page links and ebooks. Continue reading “Social Syndication, 5 Secrets to Broadcasting Value and Expertise with Twitter”