Clicktale Now Records Mobile Users Experience with Websites (Video)

The challenge for many website owners is understanding how visitors are interacting with your site. How are they liking a new graphic, video, or trust seal? Google analytics is a commonly used service that provides a wealth of information, but it falls short for many website owners (think eCommerce) when it comes to offering a “watch over their shoulder” perspective. Clicktale had that figured out years ago, and now does it for mobile browsers as well. Let me explain.

Clicktale Now Records Mobile Users Experience with Websites

For years responded to consumer demands for recording website visitor interaction in a video. This provided a host of social intelligence that wasn’t offered with traditional analytics packages. What I liked about it most was the way Clicktale creates and monitor conversion funnels. You can see our original Clicktale review here.

The Proliferation of Mobile Browsers

In recent years, with the adoption rate of mobile devices like Android based phones or tablets, and the iPhone/iPad, website owners realize there is a category of visitor interaction they need to learn more about. Question such as:

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  • What part of my website are visitors zooming in on? (could the text be larger?)
  • Do visitors prefer to view in landscape or portrait mode?
  • What percent of mobile visitors submit their name and email for more information?
  • Are visitors of certain device types more likely to optin or make a purchase?
  • Are mobile visitors deciding to call from their device as a result of clicking the phone number posted on the website?


Clicktale mobile is helping website owners answer those kinds of questions. They are currently in open beta with their mobile product. I would encourage any website owner that has a decent amount of traffic, and is interested in learning more about mobile visitor interaction to hop on board. You can do so here. Here is a video about the service.

When going mobile there are some things you are in the dark on, one being user interactions with your website.

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