Follow Up Marketing Just Got More Affordable

infusion-follow-up-marketing-boat-proimosOne of the things I appreciate about entrepreneurs and small businesses in general, is their opportunity to innovate, and make changes quickly. This agility (as some call it), is coveted by large businesses who are unable to react as quickly. I liken this big business small business dynamic to a huge cruise ship that is trying to turn, while it is being circled with little speedboats. Well, one speedboat is making some waves,  helping others make some waves of their own in the process.

Follow Up Marketing Just Got More Affordable

Infusionsoft is known for helping small businesses automate their follow up marketing, making it easier for small businesses to generate sales and increase profits.  In fact, a while back I shared 21 Ways I use InfusionSoft for Follow Up Marketing and what was apparent from the response? Infusionsoft follow up marketing system goes beyond being an autoresponder (way beyond), and while many seem interested in the product, the top reason more hadn’t signed up was the cost to get started.

Open Disclosure: I am a Certified Marketing Automation Coach with Infusionsoft, and help customers integrate this software in their business.  I use other tools as well, but Infusion has had the most significant impact in my business.

Infusionsoft Setup Fees Now Optional

Yesterday Infusion announced that all setup fees are now optional, and customers can choos a self-service route with their system.  Before this announcement, setup fees ranged from $2000-$5000.  From what I can tell, they have invested heavily in their online support videos, training, and added a walkthru wizard that makes it much easier for customers to setup a new system.  I have seen it, and they have done a good job.  The system is very powerful, but with that power comes complexity, I think this setup wizard is going to make it much easier for new customers to get results with the system faster. Learn more here

Free Trial for Infusionsoft?

They also made available a free trial of their software.  It’s for 15 days, and does require a Credit Card to signup, but should give you enough time to determine if it’ll work for your business.  Learn more about the Infusionsoft Free Trial here…

How Big a Risk is This for Infusionsoft?

In light of the economic climate, it is worth inquiring of the viability of companies you partner with for your business.  No doubt without risk there is no reward, and certainly this is a risk for Infusionsoft.  They are passing on upfront revenues and going for a broader reach.  Time will tell just how well this pays off for them.

To be fair, it is a risk for you to move your business to their platform.  What I would say, is what risk do you have remaining where you are?  Will your competitors be taking Infusion up on their offer first?  I’m not interested in hype or scare tactics, these are questions everyone marketing online should ask of any service they are considering.  And Infusion is an investment, not only of money, but time. What I can tell you, is I’ve been using the system for 18 months, and it is the most valuable tool in my online marketing business.

Bottom-Line on Infusionsoft Announcment

Infusion has been serving online and small business entreprenuers for years.  If you aren’t already using Infusion, I strongly encourage you to at least take a look at the free trial they are offering.  If you choose to signup and become a paying customer here,  I’ll give you a copy of my 10 Secrets to Maximizing Email Marketing with Infusionsoft training which is due to come out very soon and is valued at $297.  All you have to do is post a comment here with your signup information, once verified you have become a paying customer, you’ll get access to the course as soon as it’s available.

What Say You? Using Infusionsoft, considering their latest change as an opportunity for your business?  Chime in below.

Author: Travis Campbell

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