Infusionsoft Rewrites Marketing Automation for Small Business

Many online marketers start small. Perhaps you are one of them. Little investments like web hosting, an auto-responder service, and some marketing education courses. Others are more established businesses who are looking to make investments that result in significant productivity and revenue gains for the company.

Insert challenge: Once you have a strategy down, now the quest becomes figuring out how to make the technology cooperate with what it is you want to do.

In this post I’ll share an effective strategic model Infusionsoft has used to help small businesses, and also show (video) how their latest update is making it easier than ever to implement this model.

Let’s talk strategy for a moment.

Infusionsoft Rewrites Marketing Automation for Small Business

The best way to articulate and clarify your strategy is to write it down. Not with words per-se, rather drawings. Some of the best business ideas were first conceptualized on a napkin.

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Infusionsoft Helps Small Business Build a Strategy

Certainly there are tools for drawing your strategy out, but I’m not recommending anything like that just yet. What’s important is that there are no barriers to developing a solid idea, learning a new tool is not what you want, you want to crystallize your strategy. Therefore put pen to paper.

That is one thing Infusionsoft has done to help small businesses, help them map out their marketing strategy. They call it the Perfect Customer Lifecycle (PCL).

Once the PCL is written down the next item is to create a marketing plan to support your PCL. I’ve included a brief overview of the PCL in the video below (scroll down).

Infusionsoft Approach and their Spring 2012 Release

Now that you have a solid understanding of what it is you want to do, time to figure out the technology. The challenge for many marketers is dealing with multiple systems. Systems that don’t talk to eachother. Infusionsoft allows customers to have contact data related to lead tracking, email marketing, customer status, purchase history and more in a single record.

Today, at it’s annual user conference, Infusionsoft revealed its Spring 2012 Release which will likely be game changer for the Small Business Sales and Marketing all-in-one CRM market. New features of the release include.

  • All-new user interface– soft, more intuitive, less overwhelm, easy to use and customize.
  • Web Analytics– know who is coming from what traffic source, and what value they offer your business.
  • Lead Scoring– Contacts now have flames next to them. 1 flame, not so hot, 5 flames, super hot!
  • eCommerce improvements– Easy to style and seamlessly integrate with your website and brand.
  • The Campaign Builder– Intuitive, centralized, drag-and-drop building of campaigns. Complete with drag and drop landing pages, email editor, and webform creation tools.
Rebecca Sprynczynatyk Product Marketing Manager at Infusionsoft puts final touches on presentation with colleagues just ahead of opening keynote.

Infusionsoft – The All-New Campaign Builder

As great as the other features are, I’d like to focus on the Campaign Builder. It is without a doubt the most important new feature of this update.

Some time ago, I shared a video talking about a huge time-saving feature that Infusionsoft introduced called Campaigns. No longer did you have to create a bunch of links with actions, along with the templates, tags and other components necessary to properly setup a campaign in the application. What took 3-4 hours to do manually (if you were fast) now took only seconds.

As of today, small businesses can simply build their campaign with the build-in visual editor Infusionsoft has in its product.

Below is a video that illustrates this further, and shows the new feature in action (click image to play video). If you can’t see it, find it here.

Video Summary:

  • Marketing automation is important, but introduces a challenge.
  • Understanding your business relationship with customers is key, the Perfect Customer Lifecycle is Infusionsoft’s key to communicating that with small businesses.
  • Infusionsoft is making life easier for businesses who want to build campaigns quickly and easily.
  • Coupled with the other new features of Web Analytics, Lead Scoring, eCommerce improvements, all in an intuitive user interface, Infusionsoft has just made life easier for many small businesses.

Infusionsoft is sure to be a delight to existing customers, may get a hoard of new prospects, and likely ruffle feathers of their competitors. Here’s what people are saying on Twitter.

What are your impressions of this revamped software? Chime in with your thoughts below.

Author: Travis Campbell

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