3 Takeaways from New Media Expo

new-media-expo-2014-keynoteIt all came together very quickly. There were no plans to attend New Media Expo, but then sometimes things just come together and it makes sense. So I was off to Las Vegas before I knew it. Overall, I’m very glad I went. Not all events are created equal. In my experience, events are a lot of work to pull off. What I’ve found is that what is memorable about an event often has very little to do with the information presented, but with the people presenting information. There was much to learn, here are a few of my takeaways.

3 Takeaways from New Media Expo

To start things off, here are the takeaways in brief:

  1. Making professional looking videos is easier than ever.
  2. Podcasting is very much back in the forefront.
  3. Importance of challenging yourself to get better

Takeaway 1: Making Professional Looking Videos is Easier than Ever

Video prominent at the expo, however the reality that nearly “anyone can do it” was very much front and center. In fact there was a session which essentially talked about how to up your game. Caleb Wojcik’s session left you feeling you can do video well with the right approach and tools (very affordable).

This was timely for me, as my wife is building out a studio in our basement, and I’m starting to shoot some video there. The highlight for me was the fact that video equipment is more affordable than ever. Using Caleb’s recommended tools you can have a decent setup for a few hundred dollars. Learn more on Caleb’s resource page here.

Takeaway 2: Podcasting is Very Much Back in the Forefront

Back in 2005, podcasting was billed with much promise for digital marketers, but eventually faded. Why? Big brands didn’t get behind it so it never became main stream. Oh, and there’s that part about it being hard to do (technical challenges) and limited reporting.

Since then, things have gotten much easier. Apple having released their podcasting app for iOS in June of 2012 was the muscle the market needed for podcasting to take off.

At the event Norman Pattiz founder of  radio broadcasting conglomerate Westwood One (now part of Cumulus Media) talked about the value and ease of podcasting. “If I can do it, anyone can!” He recently founded Podcast One, and has aspirations of building a vibrant podcast network community.

Takeaway 3: Importance of Challenging Yourself to Get Better (but Not Alone)

This is pretty straightforward. If you want to make a difference, grow personally and professionally, you must challenge yourself to get better. Getting better isn’t just an individual sport, it is a team sport. This seemed to be the tone of the presentations I heard.

In fact UFC was even represented. Jackie Poriadjian, SVP of Strategic Marketing, and they are a network of 500+ individual fighters in a sport that has taken the world by storm in the last 10 years.

She shared some interesting insights, such as:

  • How they are positioning to grow the various product lines UFC has.
  • How their culture of authenticity and transparency has very little filters on their fighters when it comes to sharing on social media sites, unlike athletes of the three major sports.
  • How their fan base in the 18-35 demographic is rabid and responsive online and offline.

One takeaway for me didn’t necessarily come from the podium, but the idea that while each fighter is striving to get better, they don’t do it on their own, each has a coach. Coaches see things their high performing subjects don’t.

Getting better is a team sport. We all need coaches.

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It’s your turn: Did you miss New Media Expo? Try to make it next year! Did you attend? What was one takeaway you had? Chime in with your comments below.

Author: Travis Campbell

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