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Recently I ran across a site I’m going to be testing out, and thought I’d bring it to your attention here. The site is called¬†SevenStew and seems to operate similar to Fiverr. It offers entrepreneurs and online business owners access to affordable outsourcing services. On the flip side it is an opportunity for service providers to expose their services, and get more customers…affordably. ¬†More on that in a moment.

Drive Traffic & Get Stuff Done

If you are like most online marketers working for yourself, you work late hours. That’s what I did for too long, but that is a post for another day. The worst part for me, is I was working late doing things that could be done better by someone who specializes in that type of task, and often at very affordable prices.

Sometimes it isn’t realistic to develop an entire outsourcing blueprint, you just need to get something done. Recently I was introduced to a site designed to make outsourcing (or more accurately “out-tasking”) easy.

Introducing SevenStew

As the site banner states:

“Any Project, Any Task, Any Time – Served up for a Delicious $7”

Buyers: Pretty straightforward…

  • Browse or search jobs, finding one that matches your need
  • Pay for the job in advance, via PayPal or a major credit card
  • Track progress and communicate with the seller, until job is finished
  • Ask for any changes or fixes within 72 hours of job completion
  • Provide seller some feedback

Sellers: You have something you are good at, and want to make it available for a fee in the marketplace.

  • Post a job/service you want to offer
  • Share the job on the major social networks and email
  • See notifications of job orders, and accept them as you wish
  • See a credit to your account for the sale amount less admin fees (see below)
  • Withdraw earnings to your PayPal account

As noted, and similar to, buyers pay for jobs in advance. Jobs can be for the amount of $7, $14, $21, or $49. Sellers pay an admin fee of $1.50, $3, $6, or $10.50 respectively. Sellers can withdrawal funds from their SevenStew account to their PayPal account after 2 days. The full terms for the site are found here. Be aware of PayPal fees, so you know the total cost of doing jobs there.

Getting Traffic with Outtasking Sites

One way I like to use Fiverr is for traffic. It could be social bookmarking, linking, building web 2.o sites. It is amazing what can be done quickly for about $5. I’m hopeful SevenStew will have even more comprehensive jobs in these categories.

Conversation with Founder

Had a discussion with Jeff Mills, Founder of, learn who he is aiming to help, and how the site got started.

What I Like So Far at SevenStew

What caught my eye on this site is the pricing flexibility. I’ve decided not to go ahead with jobs on because sellers offer specials if customers pay them $5 twice, or discounts on more complete set of services for second orders etc.

With the pricing model of SevenStew, sellers can offer more robust services at higher price points that buyers find difficult to locate at other sites like My hope is there will be more satisfied customers and service providers as a result.

What Say You? While having a plan to manage and prevent outsourcing headaches is ideal, it might not always be realistic. Services like provide a great way to get tasks done, and ones that are potentially of more value than at sites like I’m going to be testing it out, and maybe even report back. What about you? Ever used Fiverr or similar services? How do you handle outsourcing?

Author: Travis Campbell

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