Acquisition of Warrior Forum

freelancer-acquires-warriorforumEvery marketer needs a hand from time to time.

Current intel.

Engagement with other like-minded folks.

One of the most helpful online resources from the earliest of days, it’s still early by the way, has been the warrior forum. I have found it to be a great research resource.

This week, announced on TechCrunch, the internet marketing forum giant was acquired by You can also read Warrior Forums founder announcement here.

Managing a forum can be a huge undertaking, and often not worth the resources to do so. So don’t look for to boost up forum chatter anytime soon. I suppose the best value it has for is the database of users.

If you are new to Internet Marketing, the warrior forum can be a great place to connect with others and learn. You can learn more here. Wishing both and the Warrior Forum all the best!

Author: Travis Campbell

Husband. Dad. Marketing automator. Author. Educating and coaching others in their online business endeavors. Here's his Google profile.

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