Google for Entrepreneurs Why You Should Attend

Google for EntrepreneursThis week spend time with some Googlers, that is employees of Google, as well as some brilliant startup minds here in Denver, Colorado. Google for Entrepreneurs came to Denver ahead of Startup Weekend, and was putting everyone on notice that they want to help start-up companies who are serious about growth. If your a small business with a tech play, and Google comes to your town, I say go. Here are some reasons you should attend.

Google for Entrepreneurs Why You Should Attend

Google has a very unique culture. Culture is part of the reason it remains one of the most innovative companies ever. You might find yourself inspired by attending one of these events, coming away with creative ideas for your company or professional craft.

This is why they are passionate about entrepreneurship and rapid growth startups. Google cultivate a culture of creative thinking. This is typically relegated to startups alone, but Google has done well to do hearken back to their roots (never forget where you came from), not rest on past successes, and be intentional to foster innovation. Like to read more on this subject? Consider Google’s 8 Pillars of Innovation.

Google has secret products. While you might not be able to know what those secret products are no matter whatGoogle Glassevent you go to, this weeks event gave attendees a chance to try Google Glass. It is a cutting edge set of digitized lasses that reads your email, shoots video, receives phonecalls, and a whole lot more, all voice commanded. The product isn’t yet priced, and they don’t even know when it will be available for purchase, but it is innovative. It is Google.

Local government involvement. One of the benefits I experienced as a result of attending this event is hearing from the state government as a result of having a divers panel at the event.

According to the Colorado Secretary of Technology & State Chief Information Officer Kristin D. Russell, Colorado is such a desirable place that many young and unemployed professionals move here without a job, adversely impacting the unemployment numbers. This is something I would not have known had I not been in attendance. Apparently Colorado is doing ok generating jobs, the influx of unemployed new residence skews the numbers.

google-plus-logoGoogle wants you to use Google Plus. This was pretty clear as Steve Grove, the Director for Community Partnerships, Google+ took the stage. Formerly with YouTube, Steve reviewed some of the basic features of Google+, as well as some of the newer features like Communities, and tight integration with blogs and content publishing sites.

Steve showed an example of a content site, after logging in with your Google account, not only can you engage on the site with your Google credentials, you have the option to instantly push their mobile app to your Android device.

Having an opportunity to ask questions of Google employees was helpful for someone like me who has benefited greatly from their services, and was an early fan of Google+ (original G+ tips article here, to be updated).

Early Google Homepage
Simple as ever, Google homepage, 1998.

Some solutions are counter-intuitive. For me, probably one of the most interesting comments came from Mary Grove, Director of Google for Entrepreneurs, when speaking of Google’s roots and the simplicity of the Google home page that remains today, she stated something to the effect,[quote style=”boxed”] “Google is probably the only site on the web that wants you to visit often, and leave as quickly as possible.” –Mary Grove[/quote]

And that’s the point. Maybe, just maybe, the solution to the problem you are facing is totally different than you have ever thought. Who would have thought a global, multi-billion dollar company would be derived from a simple page with a search box, and not much else?

If you are an entrepreneur, Google loves you. They are spending lots to help professionals just like you, all around the world. If they come to your town, make it a priority, get there. You’ll be glad you did. Check out the Google Entrepreneurs page to connect and see how they are supporting entrepreneurs the world over.

Been to a Google event in your community, what were your impressions? Have questions about entrepreneurship? Chime in below.

Author: Travis Campbell

Husband. Dad. Marketing automator. Author. Educating and coaching others in their online business endeavors. Here's his Google profile.