Infusioncon 2012 Wrap Up – Chris Brogan, Ali Brown, Gary V, and Moore

Jermaine Griggs and Iron Tribe Fitness
2011 Ultimate Marketer winner Jermaine Griggs and 2012 winner Iron Tribe Fitness

Marketing conferences.

When attending good ones, the challenge has always been, how to deal with the tidal wave of great information? How to apply what you are hearing in your business.

My conclusion? Prioritize what makes sense, put a timeline to it, appreciate the rest of what you learned, but understand your limitations (yes, even you have limits).  Then implement.

Having attended one of the premier conferences for small businesses, Infusioncon 2012, this post contains a summary of tweets from the event. If you are curious what Infusionsoft announced. Find it here.

Infusioncon 2012 Wrap Up – Chris Brogan, Ali Brown, Gary V, and Moore

Infusioncon on Twitter

Joanna Garzilli @joannagarzilli
@saleswhisperer @Infusionsoft @alibrown awesome! Most heartfelt business conference I’ve ever been to! Excited for next year! #icon12

Sara Arnold @seasarawrite
Back in the office after 3 amazing days at InfusionCon #icon12. Met so many passionate @Infusionsoft customers with great success stories.

Kathy Sacks @kathysacks
See video sneak peeks from #icon12 at . See the full CEO and product keynotes Ultimate Marketer winner AND the rap!

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee
Hey #icon12 I am about to rip your faces off – get ready – who’s In ?

Carla McNeil @RetireWithCarla
RT @travisnow: Your customers will love you if you love them first. Gary V. #icon12

francine hardaway @hardaway
I am the dork taking a picture of @garyvee with my new iPad at #icon12. Trying out the better camera on Gary

Chris Brogan

jenniferbourn @jenniferbourn
Write this down – “Make your buyer the hero” via Chris Brogan #ICON12

mjaStudios @mjaStudios
#icon12 “All this stuff is Greato.” But consider what to automate and what to do personally.” – Chris Brogan

[quote style=”boxed”]Over 70% of people that do use QR codes send the person to a non mobile friendly website..that makes no sense. – Chris Brogan[/quote]

Chris Widener  @ChrisWidener
Chris Brogan talking about Google +. Maybe he can convince me it isn’t a major bomb like I predicted months ago. #Icon12

More of what Chris Brogan shared here 

  1. Stop using QR Codes on Social Media or a website…they are already online!
  2. Over 70% of people that do use QR codes send the person to a non-mobile friendly website…that makes no sense.
  3. Be sure to check your website for how mobile friendly it is as over 60% of traffic is now coming from mobile devices.
  4. Be aware of what you are showing to your visitors when they come to your site. What do you want them to do? He suggested removing the social media icons in the sidebar as that is not really what you want them to do, why offer them such an easy way to leave your site? (have never heard that, pretty cool)
  5. If you are not sure what type of videos to make, do Frequently asked questions videos about your product or affiliate products.

Ali Brown

Eric T. Wagner  @MightyWiseMedia
#Entrepreneur Ali Brown talking about how to switch from success to significance – Ali Brown @Infusioncon #ICON12

Pat E Perkins ? @PatEPerkins
“You have to remember your why.” ~ @Ali Brown #ICON12

Geoffrey Moore

Josh Ochs @JoshOchs
Learning so much! RT @sarakyler: “When people aren’t having any fun, that’s called churn.” Geoffrey Moore is absolutely right! #ICON12

Brent Leary @BrentLeary
Moore: our entire lives are being reconstructed on the web. #icon12

Jacob Morgan @jacobm
RT @BrentLeary: Moore: fear causes you to overclinch on performance gears and not spend enough time on the power gears. #icon12

Mosaic Business @seemosaic
RT @brentleary: Moore: 2 gears most people concentrate on – getting leads and monetization. That will wear out your welcome. #icon12

Jermaine Griggs

Travis Campbell and Jermaine Griggs

Lauren Tassiello @eltassi
“Those that make it happen…Those that watch it happen…Those that are wondering what happened.” -Jermaine Griggs Who are you? #ICON12

Jim Cavale @JimCavale
Cool pic of amazing Ultimate Marketer Jermaine Griggs with @forrestwalden and I after the big announcement!

Sara Kyler @sarakyler
Jermaine Griggs is feeling how Miss America must feel when the next year’s model is crowned. #ICON12

Loral Langemeier

Adrianne Machina @AdrianneMachina
So obvious, but so seldom done. RT @SallyLiddicoat: Strengthen your strengths, hire your weaknesses. #ICON12 @loral

richersonc @richersonc
I can’t do this it is hard…fine stay poor! Loral Langemeier #ICON12

It’s your turn. If you didn’t make it to this year’s event, visit the Infusioncon website for updates and presales of Infusioncon 2013. If you did attend, what was your most compelling experience, meeting, or takeaway?

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