T-Mobile Marketing Solves Switch Problem – Get’s Customers

t-mobile-marketing-breakup-letterHave you ever left one mobile network provider to sign up with another? It’s often about timing, knowing the ins and outs of your contract so that you minimize the financial damage on exit. As someone who’s currently considering leaving their current provider, I found the recent Superbowl campaign to be intriguing. Did you see the T-Mobile Superbowl ad?

T-Mobile Marketing Solves Switch Problem – Get’s Customers

There were more than one ad, but here’s the one I’m referring to.

What’s cool? They’ve taken things to the next level with their own hashtag #BreakupLetter and are collecting social mentions complete with pictures and videos of customers who have made the switch here.

What’s Smart About What T-Mobile is Doing?

Speaking to their target market’s greatest frustration. Nothing worse than feeling forced to do something you don’t want, or not permitted to change your mind without significant pain, right?

Presenting themselves as the solution of choice. They are going beyond simply identifying the pain, they present themselves as a solution to your pain, offering to pay the breakup fee with your current provider (there are terms, of course), in exchange for joining their family.

Fun, yet clear call-to-action. This is important. Some feel that a strong call to action impacts the “know, like, trust” factor in their marketing, not so with T-Mobile. What they want you to do is clear with language like “it’s not you, it’s them.” Leave your current provider, and get into relationship with us!

What Can Marketers Learn from This?

How can you apply this example to your own marketing? The lessons here are numerous, here are some things that stand out to me.

What is the primary frustration your market has in working with competitors? Figure that out.

  • When talking to prospects in your business ask them their greatest frustration working with the competitor.
  • Visit online sites like Amazon and others that sell products or services which posts reviews from customers. Read the bad ones, find common themes.
  • Have this investigation as a regular part of your market research, things change -fast!
T-Mobile rescues contract bound wireless subscribers, and Tim Tebow rescue's puppies.
T-Mobile rescues contract bound wireless customers, and Tim Tebow rescue’s puppies.

Exploit competitor weakness, BE the solution. It’s worth noticing that T-mobile did it tactfully, no display of competitor coverage maps, etc. just sticking with the pain without naming names.

Celebrate new customer courage! Rejoice with new customers that come on board. Take photos, may or may not be appropriate to make a #BreakupLetter but pick something that fits that celebrates your new relationship. You might even create a site or a hashtag to amplify on the web like T-Mobile is doing.

Not sure what the results will be from the T-Mobile Superbowl campaign, remarkably it actually sold something. I’m thinking it may be one of the most profitable Superbowl campaigns in some time.

What are your thoughts, lessons from this campaign?

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