Google+ Gets an Elegant Upgrade

In a bold move Google ‘moves some cheese’ by overhauling the Google plus user interface. Reporting 170 million users who have “upgraded” to Google Plus, Google states these changes “accelerates our efforts to create a simpler, more beautiful Google.” Some early adopters may bristle at the changes, and it may be “just what the doctor ordered” for Google to get even more traction in the competitive marketplace of social networks. Continue reading “Google+ Gets an Elegant Upgrade”

Infusioncon 2012 Wrap Up – Chris Brogan, Ali Brown, Gary V, and Moore

Jermaine Griggs and Iron Tribe Fitness
2011 Ultimate Marketer winner Jermaine Griggs and 2012 winner Iron Tribe Fitness

Marketing conferences.

When attending good ones, the challenge has always been, how to deal with the tidal wave of great information? How to apply what you are hearing in your business.

My conclusion? Prioritize what makes sense, put a timeline to it, appreciate the rest of what you learned, but understand your limitations (yes, even you have limits).  Then implement.

Having attended one of the premier conferences for small businesses, Infusioncon 2012, this post contains a summary of tweets from the event. If you are curious what Infusionsoft announced. Find it here.

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Infusionsoft Rewrites Marketing Automation for Small Business

Many online marketers start small. Perhaps you are one of them. Little investments like web hosting, an auto-responder service, and some marketing education courses. Others are more established businesses who are looking to make investments that result in significant productivity and revenue gains for the company.

Insert challenge: Once you have a strategy down, now the quest becomes figuring out how to make the technology cooperate with what it is you want to do.

In this post I’ll share an effective strategic model Infusionsoft has used to help small businesses, and also show (video) how their latest update is making it easier than ever to implement this model.

Let’s talk strategy for a moment.

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Should You Be Concerned with Klout and Other Social Grading Services?

Like being voted Homecoming Queen, being at the top of the list of influence metric companies such as Klout, Empire Avenue, Peer Index and ProSkore may be turning into a hollow victory as the shortcomings and pitfalls of these services become more pronounced.

The major issue seems to be the ease with which some of these metrics can be rigged through a well-organized canned third party campaign. Because the measurable data is very much anecdotal – and also requires a lot of context to determine whether a reference to your company is glowing or scathing, reliance on such measurements becomes very much a ‘use at your own risk’ exercise.

How these companies work is by aggregating the numbers of times and also what is being said about a brand or company within major players such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ . Continue reading “Should You Be Concerned with Klout and Other Social Grading Services?”

3 Approaches to Blogging for Profit – Marketers Edition

If you are relatively new to online marketing, it represents a broad frontier with lots of opportunity. If you are anything like I was early on, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, and are unsure where your gifts and talents fit in the big picture. Don’t make the mistake I did and go in every direction (which is the inspiration of the MarketersFAQ special reports). To be successful in online marketing, entrepreneurs need to have focus. Regardless if you are focusing on becoming a local marketing consultant, an email marketing consultant, paid or search traffic expert, or an affiliate marketer, blogging is a great branding medium. Enjoy these reasons and examples, and chime in with your thoughts. Continue reading “3 Approaches to Blogging for Profit – Marketers Edition”

5 Productivity Tips for Online Marketers

I’m a fan of getting stuff done. The only way I know to get meaningful stuff done is to get serious, even aggressive about my time. My productivity techniques seem to get reviewed, refined, and tuned on a regular basis. Never are the embraced time and productivity management tactics I use, followed to a tee. This is where the “constant improvement” mentality kicks in.

It’s not about getting it perfect, but getting it going. It’s not about checking everything off, but keeping it flowing. [Tweet Me]

I encourage you to consider the same mindset, and dial in your own productivity techniques. In this post I’ll share the challenges of being productive as I see them, 5 tips, and some other ways to improve productivity.
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Marketing with Pinterest – 7 Unique Business Models

Pinterest seems to be the new cute girl at the dance that no one knows about – but everyone wants to get to know.

So how has this photo sharing site that is incorporating affiliate linking as its revenue model, capturing such interest and traffic share?

With a 400% increase in visitor count from September through December of 2011 – this little upstart site has marketers salivating at how to make new and interesting iterations turn into a Pinterest money tree.

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Influence without the Hype

Influence is a tricky thing. If in striving to be influential you succeed, at what cost. If failure is your outcome what can you learn? In either case it’s worth asking “was it worth it?”. No problem with influence here, but influence is best when it is a result of other business and marketing activities. The reality is, many strive for influence to get the sale, what can often be overlooked is that the most profitable influence happens after the sale, when customers have experienced results of your product or service. 

Influence without the Hype

It’s true, there are many over-promised and over-hyped Internet marketing products, viable prospects are looking for a reason to dismiss offers in many markets. Yet those new to Internet marketing can be subject to influence gone wrong.

For those striving for influence, it may be that they don’t have it at all. If successful, is it influence, or something else? Important as influence may be in business and life, in my experience it begins to break down when authenticity is compromised.

In marketing, a good principle to consider is giving them (visitors and prospects) what they want on the front end, and what they need, on the back end. Show them you understand the pain in their world, and that you have a working solution, and you have influence.

Recently I attended a seminar where some ideas shared about influence, specifically when working with clients:

Influence Tips

1.) Establish Trust– People are influenced only by someone they trust.
2.) Educate– The more your clients know, the better.
3.) Explain Why– “It worked on my last three projects.” (demonstrating experience), or “It would cost less.” (demonstrating partnership). etc.
4.) Do it in private – If there is something you need to share that is likely to be mis-understood in a group setting, do it in private, it’s less confronting.
5.) Show them, then sell them – This is the “free sample” strategy. Could be a case study of what other clients have experienced.
6.) Balance the give and take – Recognize that sometimes you have to give a little to get something in return.
7.) Sooner is better than later – Clarity is important, but no matter what you do there can be unknown expectations. These get firmed up the longer they are left alone. Deliver services as soon as possible, so any unknown expectations come to the surface and adjustments can be made early in the process.

These tips seem to fall in line with common sense in most areas of life, especially business. Sometimes in our quests, however, they can get lost…so they can get lost.

Caution: A problem arises when we focus on being influential. The 7 items above can serve as influence indicators if you like. They are a partial list of attributes of those who influence.

How do you react to this? What are attributes of those who have been influential in your professional experiences? Love to hear from you in the comment boxes below.

Image credit: Just_Bryan

7 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Google’s Personal Search

There has been a lot of activity recently with our friends at Google. Last week they announced the rollout of Google Plus Your World. This is essentially a more elegant version of personal search, with a snazzy video (shown a bit later). Now that the dust has settled, the question marketers are asking is how to leverage this? What does it mean for SEO?  It means a lot. We’ll cover that and share 7 things you can do now to make the most of Google’s recent changes.

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Say It With Me ‘I am a marketer’

It's true, we are all marketing something.Let’s agree on something right now. Internet Marketing is not simple. Principles exist, as with any business, but as a whole it’s not simple. 

What makes it ‘not’ simple? The first half of that phrase, Internet. Agreed? 


Marketing is simple. Couple it with Internet, and things get complex in a hurry.

You may not have world-class mad skills at copywriting, email marketing, blogging, video, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, or any other point technical Internet marketing skill, marketing  alone still equals (=) simple.

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