Camtasia 8 Review – Video Creation and Editing Software

If you are new to video marketing, or even a long-time video marketing expert who wants to create quality, engaging videos fast, the latest version of Camtasia is worth a look. The newest version has largely been reengineered to create smoother screen recordings that can be edited into professional and engaging video content. In this brief review we’ll cover who Camtasia is for, what’s new in Camtasia 8, and my take on this latest version.

Camtasia 8 Review – Video Creation and Editing Software

Who Camtasia is For

We live in a visual world. Patience is short when it comes to reading text, marketers must adapt. Connecting with images is a great start but video is better. Camtasia is ideal for those who are interested in communicating ideas and marketing messages from their desktop computer. Simply put, “screen recording and video editing software”.

There are free tools like Camstudio that can be a great starting place. At some point however, you may need tech support, want your videos to play on tablet or smartphones, or simply have a desire to take your video marketing to the next level, that’s where a paid tool like Camtasia comes in.

What’s New in Camtasia 8

As a user since version 2 I’ve seen the product grow up over the years. Version 8 is much improved over the previous version. Some highlights include:

  • Screen Recording has been rebuilt, it is easier, and of better quality.
  • Unlimited tracks. Prior versions required you to jump through some hoops if you had more than 2 or 3 tracks. So glad to see they have eliminated this limitation. This makes it easier to create engaging video content faster.
  • Ability to Animate content. With YouTube and other video services ability to track and report on video engagement, it’s important to keep videos short, but also engaging. Camtasia attempts to solve for this by giving users the ability to animate media objects within a video.
  • Visual Effects. Now you can modify elements of your video with additional effects.
Camtasia 9
Camtasia 8 visual properties editor

These features coupled with the enhanced and updated media library that comes with Camtasia 8 allows users to make more engaging videos faster. More details on what’s new can be found here.

My Take on Camtasia 8

When it comes to marketing with video I’m always looking at new ways to engage with watchers of videos. The longer I can keep their interest the betterĀ I’ll be able to serve them in a meaningful way. Therefore I’m always looking for better ways to do that in the least amount of time. Camtasia 8 offers that.

Quality is important, the improved screen recording capabilities are key, especially with the proliferation of “retina displays” on tablets and PCs.

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Price: Consistent with a long line of updates over the years, Camtasia 8 is $299 for new customers and $149 for those upgrading. This can be a tough one to swallow, especially for new customers, but it is by far the best screen recorder I’ve used on the PC (there is also a Mac version of Camtasia).

Not sure? Visit and give the 30 day fully functional free trial a ride. Let us know what you think!

Author: Travis Campbell

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