CASE STUDY: WordPress Theme Doubles Revenue

Tested new theme on a small site I manage. It had decent results. Learn what was involved to switch to this theme, the time it took and more.

How I grew Website RevenueEveryone wants more traffic, right? Traffic that converts into sales. So, is it fair to conclude that most aren’t after traffic, they are after revenue. What if there was a better way? What if you could look at things from a different angle? Sometimes flipping exercises can be useful. Still with me? As I was planning for the new year a few months back, a thought came to mind about traffic, conversion, and revenue. “Getting more SEO traffic takes time, how can you maximize revenue of your site with existing traffic?” Fair question, right? Here’s the action I took, and the video shows the results I experienced.

CASE STUDY: WordPress Theme Doubles Revenue

Everyone wants to grow website revenue, right? The most popular way is to get more traffic, but what if you could make more with what you already have?

AdSense Account Video

In this website monetization case study video, I reveal an AdSense account for a site I manage in which revenue doubled after changing to this marketing based WordPress theme. If you can’t see the video (player by EVP), have a look here.

Socrates Theme Review and Case Study Video Summary:

No time to watch the video? No worries, here’s a summary of what happened, and what the video covered.

  • Applied the new paid theme to a website February 13th. Site talks about Sage ACT 2011 software and other stuff.
  • First chart shows a 45 day period prior to applying the theme with revenue of $110.27
  • Second chart shows a 45 day period after applying theme with revenue of $227.74
  • Represents 106.5% increase in revenue.
  • Other detail: There was a bump in traffic of about 6% when comparing the first period to the second period.

The Numbers – Revenue with Theme in Place

Factoring the price of the theme at $47, against the standard revenue the site would have without the theme this represents a 45 day ROI of  $70.47 (227.74 – 110.27 = 117.47 – 47 [theme price]).

Average daily revenue went from to $2.45 (110.27/45) with the old theme to $5.06 (227.74/45) with the new.

Break-even: just under 10 days (47/5.06=9.29 days).

I had installed the theme using their 7-Day Trial offer (needed on credit card). While the site didn’t quite break even during the trial period, a site with a the right amount of traffic could.

How I Converted To the New Theme

Looking at traffic stats for the site, I picked the slowest traffic day to do the conversion, turns out it was Sunday.

Installed the new theme.

Before applying the new theme, I installed a Theme Testing plugin found here . If you are thinking of making the switch, I’d advise you to do the same. This plugin allows WordPress admins to see the new theme applied before turning it loose on the public. Great for testing before switching to any theme.

NOTE: The Theme Testing plugin is free, but as of this writing shows latest compatibility up to 2.9.2. Site was at 3.0.x when updated. Since the new theme was applied, WordPress 3.1 has been released.

Time. I originally planned my whole Sunday afternoon, but here’s what happened. Spent about 30 minutes configuring the backend of the new theme. I had to modify the site header to work within the color scheme, add the AdSense code, update the footer to reflect items in the old theme. The content didn’t layout perfectly, but was good enough for my purposes. After 90 minutes, I was done, and had the rest of Sunday to do other stuff, nice.

Configurable Areas of the Socrates Theme

review of socrates wordpress themeLayout: Two or three column configuration. Sidebars can be monetized with AdSense, Clickbank or other adcode.
Navigation: Has a top navigation (above the header), and a primary navigation below the header. It also includes options for up to two footer navigation’s. Each link can be specified as opening in a new window (_blank) and no follow (rel=”nofollow”) attribute, nice for SEO.
Colorize theme as you wish with 6 preset color themes to choose from or customize 12 different areas of the site.
Header: Upload a custom header (which I did), or choose from their gallery. There are at least 100 options spanning 15+ categories, I found them to be professionally looking header graphics.
If you prefer not to use the background color in the styling tab, here’s where you set your own. You can upload, or choose from the 25+ textures they offer.

Bottom-Line on the Socrates WordPress Theme

In my opinion, what makes this theme successful, is that it was created by online marketers for online marketers. Features like the no follow attribute, and opening links in new windows are details most themes miss. As you can see in the example, the theme has paid for itself, and setup took less time than I had planned.

It has enough styling and design flexibility that one can easily have a series of sites using this theme, while the designs stand on their own. As stated in the video, I’m going to be using this theme on more of my current as well as future sites. Find out more about Socrates here.

Author: Travis Campbell

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