FB Influence Review (Facebook Influence)

Facebook represents a huge marketing opportunity. Approaching 800 million users some argue it has changed not only how we communicate and connect, but our vocabulary and very culture as well. Marketing on Facebook, done right, requires a lot of trial and error. Those who know me, understand I’d much rather learn from the trial and error of others than only my own :-) … Which is why I was looking forward to taking a look at FB Influence (aka Facebook Influence), and writing this review. In this post, I’ll cover what FB Influence is, who is behind it, who it’s for, what’s included, what I like, and what I don’t like. 

FB Influence Review (Facebook Influence)

Facebook is a marketing opportunity that cannot be ignored. The ‘stick rate’ of visitors is nearly as amazing as the return rate. Many of us get the fact that Facebook is huge, and some of us have run some ads campaigns, tried different things to get more engagement, but wonder what’s working for others. Are there better results to be had for marketers? The creators of FB Influence think so, and based on what I’ve seen in the course, there’s much for me to learn as well.

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Overview of Facebook Influence
Course overview (video plays in a new window)

What is Facebook Influence?

Facebook Influence (or fbinfluence) is a series of  training videos spanning four modules of what it takes to be successful marketing using Facebook. The content is delivered by Amy Porterfield who has partnered with Lewis Howes and Sean Malarkey to help with promotion and support. There are also a handful of bonuses that come with the course, designed to help people implement the strategies and tips taught in the course.

Who is Amy Porterfield?

review of amy porterfield
Amy Porterfield: Small Biz Owner, Marketer, Instructor fbinfluence

She’s the instructor and voice on all the videos in the course. I first met Amy at BlogWorld in 2010 in Las Vegas. More recently we both attended a private marketing event in San Diego.

She worked with Tony Robbins years ago directing content and marketing for his events, and has also authored Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, worked with top online marketers where she was project manager for some very large product launches. She was also the community manager for SocialMediaExaminer.com.

To be honest, the few encounters I’ve had with Amy I find her to be pleasant and sharp. However, what I learned  from her watching some of the videos in the course, along with the PDF downloads and bonuses, has left me even more impressed. She knows her stuff!

Who is Facebook Influence For?

Facebook Influence is ideal for small business marketers and solo-preneur marketers who are struggling to tap into Facebook as a source of traffic, leads, and customers. If you value your time, or are frustrated with your results thus far, what Amy teaches will save you a ton of time implementing proven Facebook marketing strategies.

Travis Campbell Interviews Amy Porterfield Creator of FB Influence

I had a few minutes to discuss Facebook marketing with Amy on a Google+ Hangout (of all places!), and decided to share it here as well. If for some reason you cannot see the video, it’s also on YouTube…Facebook Influence Review – Marketing Tips with Amy Porterfield. (Video Player EVP)

Webinar Opportunity with Amy: If you aren’t ready to purchase the course, but like to learn more here’s info on the Webinar with Amy Porterfield.

What’s Included in Facebook Influence?

There are a total of 4 modules and 5 bonuses. See the complete FB Influence offer.

FB Influence Modules

  • Module 1 – The Foundation for Facebook Success: Amy covers the approach she’s proven over the years when it comes to marketing on Facebook, how to properly create a branded Facebook page for your business with the clever Welcome Tab, important stuff in the Facebook dashboard, and [highlight]how to find a community manager for your Facebook page[/highlight].
  • Module 2 – Growing a Lucrative Fan Base: In this module Amy covers “5 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Fan Base” along with tips and strategies for using Facebook as a lead generator for your business, getting into your friends newsfeed for more growth, social plugins and tools that work.
  • Module 3 – Creating Massive Engagement: Amy says that creating engagement is key to building relationship with fans and friends on Facebook. There are also some common mistakes many make when looking to build engagement, she shares those and “surefire strategies” for creating engagement. She gets into how to use and promote events on Facebook as well as monitoring tools to help you track your progress.
  • Module 4 – Fans Into SUPER FANS: From customer service, to using page photos as free Facebook ads, to running more profitable Facebook ad campaigns, to building an [highlight]online store for your Facebook page[/highlight] as well as an action plan to go along with this module, Amy seems to cover all the bases for grooming fans into “Super Fans”.
Facebook Influence Review
Amy Porterfield shares Facebook marketing strategies in an easy to understand way.

FB Influence Bonuses

In order to help customers successfully implement what is taught in the modules, they have also included several bonuses. See if FB Influence is for you.

  • Bonus #1 – How to Create Your Social Media Strategy to Rapidly Increase Exposure: Don’t want to be a social media expert? In this 34 page straightforward PDF presentation, Amy suggests taking the “social media” pressure off yourself so you can focus on your expertise.
  • Bonus #2 – The Three-Step Lead Generating Facebook Blueprint: Moving fans from Facebook to your newsletter or email list is key to growth. Amy shows you her blueprint in this single page PDF.

    fb influence review
    Turning Fans into Super Fans (from fbinfluence sales page)
  • Bonus #3 – “Change Is Good” – Exploring Facebook’s New Features: In this 54 page PDF covers recent changes to Facebook, and what small businesses can do to leverage the changes to their advantage.
  • Bonus #4 – How to Cash in on Facebook Places and Deals: This is outstanding for local businesses, but contains strategies every business can consider. This 51 page presentation also covers how to leverage the 4 type of deals.
  • Bonus #5 – Turning Fans Into Super Fans: This single page PDF is helpful in describing visually the progression from Potential Fan to Super Fan. Learn more about FB Influence.

What I Like About Facebook Influence?

The training is laid out in a non-overwhelming (very important) manner. I find Amy’s delivery of content efficient, and with zero fluff. It’s apparent that she knows why people fail with Facebook marketing, and starts things off helping you develop a strategy for your own Facebook marketing.

I found myself coming away knowing what needs to be done to take my Facebook marketing to the next level, but I’ve taken training courses before and inevitably there are questions you have when I start implementing… This is what I find to be [highlight]the best part of this course[/highlight]. Claim your copy instantly here.

Bonus #6Similar to what was offered with Video Traffic Academy  customers also get access to a private Facebook group where they can ask questions and learn from others in the community. This allows you to see what is working and tweak your efforts to leverage what works.

[quote style=”boxed”]Model the best. Find out who is getting results and make it work for your business. -Amy Porterfield[/quote]

What I Don’t Like About Facebook Influence?

While I haven’t yet finished every nook and cranny of the entire course, there are no real blunders to speak of. Sure they could offer DVDs to mail to customers, but that would certainly put the price out of range for many, so in that way I’m glad they didn’t offer that option.

While not a deal breaker for most, if there were one thing I’d like to see, it would be downloadable versions of the videos. When possible, I prefer to listen to training at 2x-2.5x normal speed to get through the material faster.

Bottom-Line on Facebook Influence

review-of-facebook-influenceFor someone who is either considering Facebook as a marketing platform, or want to take their Facebook marketing to the next level this has to be the most valuable course on the subject. It accounts for some of the recent changes to Facebook, as well as the ones coming. Amy indicated there there also going to be update videos added to the course as Facebook introduces changes that impact marketers.

At the current launch price ($97), this is probably one of the most valuable courses on Facebook I have seen. I’ve seen similar courses (with less ‘real-world’ actionable content) priced 10x and 20x higher than this. Get your copy here.

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