Review of Keyword Winner – SEO Plug-in for WordPress

Understanding keyword research, that is what searchers are searching for in a given market, is critical to getting targeted traffic to any site. There are quite a few tools available to help you with keyword research (both free and paid), but they all have their limitations. If you are someone who is hosting their own WordPress there is a plug-in that does keyword research for you while composing a post. Keyword Winner was just updated, and I loaded it up to take a look. In this post you’ll learn how keyword winner can assist in creating new posts, as well as existing posts, who keyword winner is for, and a quick heads up about this product. There are also a couple screenshots included as well as the bottom-line on this plug-in.

Review of Keyword Winner – SEO Plug-in for WordPress

The Keyword Winner home page has about 50 minutes of demo videos which you can review if you need to. I’ve reviewed the videos as well as the product in my own environment so you don’t have to.

Keyword Winner When Creating New Posts

It pulls competition data from Google, as well as Yahoo backlink data, which is a key indicator to the search engines of a sites popularity and relevance. Click keyphrase to add to title, and then click the “Get Keyword Winner Suggestions” button to drill down further. Learn more here.

Keyword Winner Screenshot:

What the Colors Mean…

RED – 1,000,000+++ competing pages or higher (1,000,000 or more)
ORANGE – 1,000,000— competing pages or lower (between 100,000-1,000,000)
GREEN – 100,000— competing pages or lower (sweet spot).

Keyword Winner Analysis of Existing Posts

It looks at current posts, and tells you how competitive your post title is, giving website owners the ability to modify a post, so it is in a more suitable competition range. Users can select the posts they want to see title competition data for. It then color codes the post. Below is a screenshot from a blog I operate. Learn more about this WordPress Plug-in here.

To get additional detail users have to hit the “Get Keyword Winner Suggestions” while in the post editor.

Keyword Winner …a Video

For those who prefer multimedia, here is a video which includes content from this post. The video automatically takes you to the product page upon completion. Just stop it before it completes if you’d rather remain on this page. You can also see this Keyword Winner Review on YouTube as well.

Who is Keyword Winner For?

If you are a reasonably experienced blogger, who has one or two blogs, and a decent understanding of your market, Keyword Winner may not be for you. My concern with products like keyword winner is the potential to lead to analysis paralysis, or to obsess with granularities that in the long run make little or no difference in the success of the site. You can make the call as to whether that is something you struggle with.

However, if you are someone who has several blogs to drive traffic and perhaps affiliate revenue, Keyword Winner is going to be an asset. You are probably using using manual approaches for keyword research, keyword winner will save you time. This is especially true if you are wanting to get traffic in markets you are not too familiar with. To get the keyword data inside the actual post as you compose it is a definite plus. See the Keyword Winner Salespage here.

A Heads Up for those Considering Keyword Winner

In order to eliminate any captcha prompts, the developers of Keyword Winner prompts users to submit their Google credentials. This caused me to pause, but then I understood why, and that the data isn’t being sent to any Keyword Winner servers, I felt better about it.

This leads to another point, keyword winner is at the mercy of the search engines to return data. It is pretty well known that Yahoo is pretty stingy with data calls to it’s service, so you may find delay’s in returning results, or zero results from Yahoo (backlinks) if you have made too many requests in a short period.

Neither of these may be deal breakers for you, but I found them worth mentioning as they stood out to me during my evaluation.

Bottom-line On Keyword Winner

I think this is a useful tool for newbie and experienced bloggers alike, especially those who have many blogs and want to save time doing keyword research. The fact that they sell it for unlimited sites drives the value for those with many WordPress blogs.

The price for Keyword Winner 2.0, which just released, is $97. Find out all the details here (including the videos).

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