Review of Utility Poster Blogging Software by Jack Humphrey

blogging-software-publishing-toolsIf you are a blogger, you’ll want to take a look at this product by Jack Humphrey, releasing today, Utility Poster is designed to make it easy to “Post A-List Content To Your Blog And Get Highly Valuable Backlinks For More Traffic And Search Engine Rankings – FAST!” (as stated here).  In this review I’ll share with you my take on this product, what I like about it, a potential problems, and a video of it in action.

Review of Utility Poster Blogging Software by Jack Humphrey

If you have been on the web anytime at all, you’ve likely heard of Jack Humphrey.  If you haven’t simply Google his name, and stand in awe.  He has been on the web for years, and has built an incredible following for his honest real-world approach to online marketing. An approach we at identify with and appreciate very much.

Special Update: As a part of this product launch, Jack is including some Bonuses, the YouTube version of this product as well, called Video Utility Poster, as well as his popular Blog Talk Monitor software.

Video Review of Utility Poster

Instead of droning on here, I thought I’d share a video of Utility Poster in action here:

What I like About Utility Poster

There are several great advantages in having a tool like this (expanded from the video):

  • Starts with Keywords: Does searching for you based on keywords you submit
  • Saves Time: Drag and drop makes it easy to build out a post, making it easier to do regular posting.
  • Makes Search Engines Happy: Search engines want to see regular, relevant, content posted to your site, posting more often makes them happy.  Since you are searching keywords, Utility Poster makes it easy to post relevant content with good keyword density.
  • Backlinks: Trackbacks are backlinks, and can result in additional traffic. …more info here

Potential Problems with Utility Poster

No software is perfect, and while these aren’t huge issues, it is something to be aware of:

  • The Dock: As mentioned in the video, the docking mechanism of the program is not super flexible, and could be found as frustrating for some.
  • The Web: Reality is people format their posts in different ways, since there is really no industry standard, the way the summaries are brought in will vary, and may increase editing time if the posted summaries are not well written.  This has nothing to do with Utility Poster, rather a reality of the web.  Tip: You want to take time to make sure they are good summaries, so that your readers can quickly identify if they want to find out more about the referenced post.
  • Possiblity of No Backlinks: If trackbacks are either not approved or disabled entirely on a blog, part of the benefit of Utility Poster is lost for those referenced posts. If backlinks are important to you, be sure to visit the blog post you are considering referencing an see if there are any backlinks have been approved in the comment stream.

The Bottomline on Utility Poster

If you are a blogger, and find producing quality content on a regular basis to be a challenge, Utility Poster is worth considering.  Not only will you spend time posting to your blog, but you may get some outstanding backlinks in the process, building rapport with the search engines, as well as others in your niche.  Beyond that it is affordable for most (especially in this initial release).  I highly recommend it, and have already done multiple posts here using the product, and intend to use it going forward as well, thanks Jack! The Utility Poster Offer is Here…

It’s Your Turn: Do you have experience with Jack, his products, or Utility Poster? Questions about this review or the product itself? Chime in using the boxes below, and let’s discuss… -Travis
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