Google Panda Impact and Your Response

Two things today, quickly. First, information about a recent update at Google that impacts search results heavily, a must watch video for content marketing and SEO types. In light of panda changes, a free resource to give online marketers tips and ideas for creating rich content that visitors and the search engines will love.

Google Panda Impact and Content Tips

Watched a great video recently by the folks over at It talks about a recent Google “Panda” algorithm update, and it’s impact on search engine optimization going forward. At just under 12 minutes, it is worth every second. For online marketers who are struggling to rank on Google, or have taken a hit, this is a good investment of your time.

Why I Like This Google Panda Video and You Should Too

The video is relatively short and what could be perceived as highly technical, is well presented in a non-technical way. Easy to understand.

Thanks to Chris Brogan for bringing attention to it. If you prefer you can read theĀ transcript and/or watch the video here.


It’s Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz in the video, what caught my attention starts at 3:00 with the categorization of content based on Panda technology. The usage metrics in the lower right of the whiteboard serve as a guideline of what Google values, and what website owners should be measuring.

A Content Marketing Resource in Light of Google Panda Update

Recently we gave a long look at a keyword research tool designed to give marketers and search engine optimizers greater detail faster when it comes to finding valuable keywords. The folks at SE Cockpit have produced a special guide in light of recent Google changes entitled, “Rich Content Optimization”. They do ask for an email address, but it’s simple to unsubscribe if it’s not for you. You can get the guide here.

The guide accompanies a few SEO education videos they are releasing during their product launch…If the videos are anything like the guide, it is time well spent for many. I recommend signing up (smart people from Switzerland).

You can see our SE Cockpit review here.

Paying Attention

If you rely on traffic from Google or any search engine, it is important to pay attention to changes that may impact your business or the business of your clients. These resources are designed to help you do just that.

Chime in with your thoughts feedback on these resources below.

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