10 Years of Facebook – Stats Marketers Need to Know

10-years-facebook-avg-revenue-per-userThe impact of social media on marketing over the past 10 years has been significant. Facebook leads the conversation, with breakneck growth for much of their 10 year history, boasting well over 1 Billion users worldwide.

In record time, marketers now have the ability to carve out a very targeted audience, who returns to the site on a frequent basis, and present their brand to an audience who visits the site from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

If you are not leveraging Facebook as a marketing platform for your business, these numbers paint a compelling picture that is worth considering or reconsidering for almost any business.

10 Years of Facebook – Stats Marketers Need to Know

Now this chart has quite a bit of numbers in it, below I will discuss the ones in bold (my emphasis).

January 2014 Report at Statistic Brain.

Over 1 Billion Users

This is pretty well documented, but in case you missed it Facebook has 1.3 billion users and growing. That is about 18.7% of the world population. While there may be exceptions, they are few and far between, your customer and prospects are very likely on this behemoth social site.

Mobile Marketing with Facebook

Equally interesting, the number of mobile users is about half of the entire Facebook user base. That means over half the people who have an account also visit it from a mobile device. This is a significant shift. Not only are has Facebook made social possible, but the industry has moved dramatically that people want to connect with friends while mobile.

Facebook Repeat Eyeballs

48% log in on any given day. That means they come back. As wonderful as email marketing is, the “effectiveness” numbers have been declining for some time now.

So while subscribers may not be a engaging with a marketers emails as they once were, on the other had Facebook has nearly have of their users come back to their network LOOKING FOR STUFF. Whether they are bored, curious, or wanting to see those photos from last weekends trip, they are returning, and your message could be there.

Facebook a Hub for Content Marketers?

Lower down in the graphic you’ll notice a section entitled “Every 20 Minutes on Facebook” you’ll notice that there are 1 million links shared. That’s 72,000,000 links shared every 24 hours.

Are you helping to satisfy this demand? If you produce valuable content for your market, you should be sharing it on Facebook. You may or may not obtain a new email subscriber on your site, or even get the click on Facebook, but in the fight for attention, you are getting YOUR BRAND in front of users again and again. You can even setup Facebook ads in 10 minutes to target people in your market with your content.

What’s Next with You Facebook?

If successful, the next 10 years won’t be ones with phenomenal user base growth (although it will grow), it will be Facebook learning how to monetize visitors without also turning them away to alternative sites. What about you? How are you using Facebook in your marketing? Chime in below.

Image Credit: CNN

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