3 Ways to Know if Social Media is Dangerous to Your Business

social-media-chaos-ajawinRecently some local AM radio sports commentators were responding to questions that were coming in to the station.  Source of the questions you might ask?  Get this… on their Twitter feed.  Some people are too shy to call in, or don’t have the patience to hit redial on their phone, so they tweet their question to the hosts, smart.  Social media has gone main stream.  However, if we as marketers aren’t careful social media can be dangerous to your business, this post shares three indicators and a simple solution.

3 Ways to Know if Social Media is Dangerous to Your Business

Too Much Time

Some wise person once said, “Anything in excess is not good.”  That applies for social media marketing as well.  At this point, pitching products and services for sale doesn’t work well, you must engage others, and participate to build relationships.  Seems straightforward, however, some can be attention starved, and overdue this.  Limit your interactions, so that you can focus on what makes your business profitable today.

No Strategy or Ignoring The One You Have

Recently Michel Fortin offered some great commentary in Social Media Isn’t Dead, But It Can Be Deadly.  In the post he suggests that many aren’t taking calculated steps necessary to bring visitors to you site.  As he well stated, “…if content is king (on the web), then my blog is the castle!” Well put.

This is keeping with Why Email Marketing Should Be the Hub of Your Social Marketing Efforts and the overall need for good social marketing strategy for your business.  Not only should we have one, but having it in front of you, and reviewing it regularly, tweaking and improving along the way.  Know why your business exists.

Missing Deadlines or Otherwise Completed Assignments

If your client or office performance has been on the decline (consider recent client interactions, or team member conversations involving shared projects), your dedication may be mis-placed.  Good marketing never surpasses good results to back it up.  Updating friends in Facebook, or new Tweeple online, is never as important as being a good team player, or taking care of paying customers.  Afterall, good paying customers lead, well, to more good paying customers (with the right marketing in place, of course).

Is Self Discipline the Answer?

In a nutshell – Yes.  My best days are when I use my timer, and challenge myself with each item, to complete in a given timeframe.  Consider this in social media.
1.) If you don’t have a timer, go here and get one ($7-$12).  The one I use has 3 timers built in, as it helps me measure other milestones throughout the day.
2.) Use it!  If you write a task list for the day, give yourself a reasonable time to get each one done, and build in rewards if you accomplish them.
3.) Use social media as a reward, if you get things done, spend 10 minutes on Twitter or Facebook.

Bottom-line Social Media is Powerful but Not to Be Overpowering

Don’t permit social media sites to become addictive.  If you find you are falling down by spending too much time, not executing a strategy, or not delivering to your normal standards, it is time for some new approaches.  Deciding this is key, then use a tool to hold you accountable, I find a timer to be a great one.

Chime In: How about you?  Every seen anyone out of balance?  How do you balance your social media activities with business/career? Leave your thoughts in the boxes below.

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