Google+ Gets an Elegant Upgrade

In a bold move Google ‘moves some cheese’ by overhauling the Google plus user interface. Reporting 170 million users who have “upgraded” to Google Plus, Google states these changes “accelerates our efforts to create a simpler, more beautiful Google.” Some early adopters may bristle at the changes, and it may be “just what the doctor ordered” for Google to get even more traction in the competitive marketplace of social networks.

Google+ Get’s an Elegant Upgrade

As a long-time user, I like the changes and believe it will help my customers and users better integrate Google+ into their social activities. You can review the details of the upgrade here, but the enhancesments touch the following areas:

  • Navigation: There is now a ribbon down the left side, which you can sort icons via drag and drop.
  • Stream: They have cleaned this up displaying photos better, creating conversation “cards” and an activity drawer.
  • Hangouts: There is now a dedicated page for hangouts, so you can see friends that are hanging out, popular hangouts, and public hangouts… and join in.

Another thing I noticed is cleaner notifications drop down, and options on the notification page to filter notifications as you wish. They have also put the management of business pages right off the user profile icon in the top right. If new to Google Plus, checkout these Google Plus Tips.

Overall a very welcome improvement, and certainly paving the way for more enhancements going forward. Nice job Google!
Here’s the navigation ribbon in action:

Here’s an overview of what’s new:

Author: Travis Campbell

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