Google Plus is Preparing for Business are You?

Last week Google finally unveiled business pages for Google Plus users. The reaction of the announcement was somewhat muted. It was released with limited controls, and currently no parity with Facebook pages from a controls and reporting perspective. There are several decent articles on the issues like the ones found here and here

Deficient as the current business page might be, today there are other reasons why businesses should create pages on Google Plus.

Google Plus is Preparing for Business are You?

Creating a Google Plus business page is easy, more on that in a moment. The question most online marketers are asking is With all the other social media properties out there why should I create a business page? Very fair question.

There are several reasons:

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  • From an SEO perspective it creates another link (alas from a Google property) to your website.
  • Claim your brand there before someone else does. I’m reminded of the brand squatting days early on with Facebook, not fun. As you might imagine, like Facebook, Google doesn’t have the resources to deal with arbitration. If someone creates a page using your brand it can take valuable time and resources to get it back. Much easier to take a few minutes to claim yours (more on how in a moment).
  • Just in case…Who knows, this Google Plus thing could turn out to be significant. If it does, don’t you want to be at the front instead of with the rest of the pack?

The Biggest Reason of All to Create Your Google Plus Business Page

Most importantly, this should be important to you and your business, because it is important to Google. I’ve remarked, if you want to succeed driving traffic with Google you need to know what is important to Google, what they are trying to accomplish, and then work to help them fulfill that. Google knows they must succeed with social to remain a viable force in coming years.

In keeping with that, new enhancements to Google plus pages happens now, and in the very near future.

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  • API Access for 3rd party tools to help you manage your pages, details here. This allows 3rd parties to develop tools that Google doesn’t have the bandwidth to do themselves.
  • It sounds like Multi-Admin brand Google Plus pages isn’t too far off either. As of this writing, the person who creates the page, is the only admin, and cannot delegate or share admin responsibilities. A big problem, if something happens to the page creator, or they go rogue.


Google will continue to make the changes necessary for the product to work for online commerce. Business pages is a piece of that. They are most certainly working on other things preparing for business. Are you preparing for business on Google Plus?

Haven’t created one yet? Takes a few minutes. Here’s how to create a Google Plus business page on Google plus. Chime in with your thoughts and feedback below.

Author: Travis Campbell

Husband. Dad. Marketing automator. Author. Educating and coaching others in their online business endeavors. Here's his Google profile.

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