Social Media Marketing World – Top Takeaways

smmw-travis-campbell-speakerLast week at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, I had the privilege of serving as track moderator (aka MC). This involved speaker introduction, time management, and facilitating Q&A (lessons here).

While the priority was keeping an already very well organized track ‘on track’, I was unable to resist scribbling down notes during the sessions. These were world-class presentations and content. So the notes I share here are certainly incomplete. If you were at the event, feel free to comment with your top takeaways.

Before I continue, this brings up a very real issue for attendees of well run events like Social Media Marketing World. [highlight]”Which sessions do I attend, there are so many good ones to choose from?!”[/highlight] This is where investing in event session recordings can be very worthwhile (resource at end of post). Also, pay attention to the places where you can share tweetable quotes [Tweet it!] from presenters.

I came away with a better picture of how to leverage content marketing in the coming year, I hope you do too.

Social Media Marketing World – Top Takeaways

Joe Pulizzi: 5 Content Marketing Strategies Most Businesses Ignore, but Shouldn’t

  • Content Publishing: Consistency is most important, yet 85% of corporate blogs have 5 or less posts.
  • Sales, Savings, or Sunshine: Your content should aim to do one of these three things for consumers, increase sales, savings, or sunshine.
  • Importance of Content Mission Statement: 1.) Target, Who is it? 2.) What will be delivered? 3.) Desired outcome for consumer.
  • [highlight]Must have owned media strategy.[/highlight]
  • Focus on subscriber database, knowing difference between those who are subscribed and those who don’t.
  • How are you going to build an audience?
  • 4:1:1 Ratio/Formula in social sharing, Other people’s content, influencer sharing, your content.
Grow social engagement by leveraging social influencers.

[quote][Tweet it!] “Just 42% believe their content marketing is effective.” @JoePulizzi via @mpdotcom[/quote]

See more from Joe Pulizzi on Twitter, or his site here.

Todd Wheatland: How to Use Slideshare for Business, the Success Formula

  • Slideshare Means Business (Audience)
  • Think of it as a platform in it’s own right.
  • Very easy to share in other channels.
  • Very Visual Platform.
  • Items on home page represent hand curated content by Slideshare employees.
  • Trending in social media.
  • Click to tweet on presentation itself.
  • Click to download on Slideshare, [highlight]squeeze pages[/highlight].
Slideshare (owned by LinkedIn) attracts business minded visitors.

Tools Mentioned:

  • Canva – Tool to create visuals for slideshare (Export).
  • Slide Idea – iPad app for creating slideshows.
  • Haiku Deck – Highly visual slides.

See more from Todd Wheatland on Twitter, or on his site here.

Tom Martin: How to Painlessly Prospect for Customers Using Social Media

  • Anonymous research = lost sales for vendors.
  • Sales cycle isn’t shortened, it’s just becoming invisible.
  • “I seldom sell, I close.” Selling has already been done!
  • Propinquity: Aware >> Know >> Like >> Buy
By the time buyers reach out to sales people, they are ready to transact.
  • T.O.M.P – Top of Mind Preference. “I don’t want to be in Google search, in fact I prefer they don’t even goto Google!”
  • Putting your content on Outposts.
  • Social agents: the most important customers who never buy from you!
  • Taco truck strategy: Restaurant on wheels. It’s a content strategy, everyone’s site is your site!
  • Cornerstones & Cobblestones: Content eco system planning.

[quote][Tweet it!] “4 Singles is better than a homerun. Awesome does get shared, but helpful gets bought.” @TomMartin via @mpdotcom[/quote]

See more from Tom Martin on Twitter, or on his site here.

Justin Levy: How to Implement Social Media Guidelines Across the Enterprise

  • Most organizations stuggle when it comes to educating organization on social media policies
  • Review the FCC social media guidelines.
  • Get buyin from all key departments.
  • Leverage video to communicate with staff.
Relationship building important to successful corporate governance.

See more from Justin Levy on Twitter or his site here.

Cynthia Sanchez: How to Grow a Loyal Pinterest Following

  • Importance to have clarity as to your audience and how you can help them.
  • Pinterest provides collaboration tools that increase traffic and engagement.
  • Pinterest users are often seeking future possibilities, looking for creative change.
Businesses using Pinterest well have a successful engagement strategy.

See more from Cynthia Sanchez on Twitter, Pinterest, or on her site here.

Syed Balkhi: Using Twitter as an Idea Factory that Fuels Your Blog Content

  • If you are not using Twitter Cards on your website, you should be!
  • Exposure strategy: Targeted twitter ads using medium sized event hashtags. Syed did this successfully for every wordcamp event across the world, grew followers and traffic.
  • Bulk Buffer content for Twitter dripping to refrehs old content. 4 repurposed articles and 1 new article per day, yielded 5000 new impressions per day for
  • Tweetable moments within slideshare slides.
  • Domain name research,
  • Write something strategic and helpful. Don’t tell them how, they can get that on YouTube.
Example of successful contest run. Fueled by Twitter engagement.

[quote][Tweet it!] “By following smart people I’m able to filter out the crap and find the best info.” @SyedBalkhi via @mpdotcom[/quote]

See more from Syed Balkhi on Twitter, or on his site here.

Jason Miller: 7 Tactics for Integrating LinkedIn into your Marketing Strategy

  • Content pages on LinkedIn at 6x more active than job pages.
  • Achieve objectives with LinkedIn to: Generate Awareness, Generate Traffic and Leads, Drive Consideration and Preference, Drive Advocacy, and Build Community.
  • Steps to engage on Company Pages: Establish presence, Attract followers, Engage followers, Amplify through the network, Analyze and refine.
  • Make your content visual with engaging presentations (slideshare) and videos.
  • Hubspot results regarding use of sponsored updates, “LinkedIn drove 400% more qualified leads than any other paid lead generation platform during the campaign period.”
  • Smartphone and tablet content consumption is on the rise.
Slideshare allows embedding of coupon codes in presentations.


  • Visuals trump text when it comes to content engagement.
  • Embedding coupon codes in slideshare presentation.
  • Strategy: Visual FAQs with social engagement elements. Update slideshow based on social response.
  • Creating visual FAQs using slideshare slideshow presentations.
  • Clickable links inside slideshare presentation.

[quote][Tweet it!] “YouTube vids play directly in LinkedIn feed & can result in up to 75% higher share rate.” @JasonMillerCA via @mpdotcom[/quote]

See more from Jason Miller on Twitter, or his site here.

Matt Clark: Visual Social Branding, How to Avoid Top 5 Social Media Mistakes

  • Brand well = Brand Consistency
  • The misnomers of branding, it’s not just a logo, or design, it is depth of design.
  • Not busy, but simple. Whitespace.

5 Social Media Branding Mistakes

  1. Advertise the advertisement
  2. Social media loop
  3. Content overload
  4. Inconsistency
  5. Do nothing
Matt Clark shared three aspects of creating a brand presence.

Catchup with Matt Clark on Twitter. Learn more about Matt’s business here.

Pat Flynn: How to get Your Podcast to the Top, What Works and What Doesn’t

  • Podcasting is a great marketing tool, considering that [highlight]the average visitor to your website stays in terms of seconds, where podcasts can be up to an hour or longer.[/highlight]
  • Keys to performing well on iTunes podcast search, Great Audio, Great Artwork, and Great Findability.
  • Questions to Consider: What’s your position? What makes your show irresistible?
  • Make the launching of your podcast an event.

Case study with ConversionCast

  1. Hired someone to create voice podcasting content.
  2. Created right position and USP (unique selling proposition).
  3. Recorded 45 episodes beforehand.
  4. Created buzz.
  5. Emailed teasers to subscribers.
  6. Published 5 episodes out of the gate.
  7. Blog post, and emailed subscribers with CTA & Incentive.


Wrapping it Up – Taking it Home

Lots of proven social media marketing strategies and tactics were shared at Social Media Marketing World. If you are anything like me, I found there was too much content to consume in the time given for the sessions attended, let alone the ones missed! As with most things in life and business execution of ideas separates the winners from non-winners, and it’s important to make room for inspiration and fresh ideas. Hope you found this helpful. (If so, please share it with your networks).

Were you at Social Media Marketing World? Come away with some new or inspiring info? Now’s your chance to share your takeaways with the world using the comment boxes below!

social-media-marketing-world-virtual-ticketIf you’d like access to all conference slides and recordings, good news, they are available for purchase, follow the ad on the right side of this page. They are made available through Social Media Marketing World virtual ticket. I will download the audio recordings to my iPhone, and play them in the car (dead time learning) or while walking my dogs.

*Image Credits: Speaking photo, Ashley Coombe, other images courtesy of SMMW Virtual Ticket.

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