Amazon Associates Shuts Down Account Keeps Money

Many who are new or exploring Internet Marketing as a business often get started with as an associate. It makes sense, for publishers who want to get setup quickly, as they have the best set of APIs, tools, and widgets to get started. It is a great way to start monetizing a website that already has traffic. My associates account was opened years ago by me, but was closed a few days ago by Amazon. Here’s what I’ve learned, and you should too. Continue reading “Amazon Associates Shuts Down Account Keeps Money”

Successful Affiliates Out of Business Overnight

We aren’t doom an gloom here. After all the Internet is a world of opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and online marketers. Sometimes things happen outside of the marketing online world impacting the marketing online world. Such is the subject of today’s post. If you are an affiliate marketer in the United States, or considering becoming one, this is for you.
Continue reading “Successful Affiliates Out of Business Overnight”